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Rey Mysterio is WWE’s Liability

Rey MysterioAs we head towards the WWE Money in the Bank pay per view I started thinking about the card. One match stuck out like a sore thumb, the Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger world heavy weight title match. I can honestly say that this title match may be the worst main event match in the history of WWE.

I understand that there are two title matches on the card but nowadays there are always two and they are billed as a double main event. This pay per view luckily has some other great matches on the card. There is no way the Mysterio/Swagger match (as they say in the biz) would “put butts in the seats.”

Rey Mysterio at this point in his career has become a liability to WWE. When it comes to merchandise sales and fan appreciation Mysterio may be at the top but sometimes that is not enough. Just recently Mysterio injured the Undertaker in the ring fracturing his orbital bone. Yes accidents do happen but the timing here was unfortunate. The Undertaker was getting ready for a run as champ and a long program which was almost guaranteed to gain viewer ship. Its one thing to have an accident with a mid card wrestler it’s another to injure the most beloved character in the business. Rey Mysterio literally costs WWE money in this case. So what does the WWE do? They put the strap on Mysterio. I am not sure I understand that move.

[adinserter block=”1″]Let’s delve even deeper into Rey’s liable status with WWE. In recent months Mysterio has been angling for a restructured contract. It has been reported that Mysterio had been a distraction in the locker room and the most recent move to put the title on him was done just to appease him. It was a major accomplishment the first time Rey won the title but that day has passed. His “giant killer” gimmick has seen its day and this title run is just unwarranted.

There is a little something called the wellness policy in the WWE. If you don’t know it monitors drugs, steroids, and pain killers among other things that the WWE talent may use. Rey Mysterio has had two violations. Of course these are just reports and we can’t read results ourselves but, it sure looks bad when Mysterio was a patient of the same doctor that Chris Benoit was going to. If his drug policy violations and injuries are not a liability then I don’t know what is.

[adinserter block=”2″]Rey Mysterio is one of the most beloved WWE superstars in history. When he first debuted it was a great success. He is a role model to many kids and dare I say the Hispanic community but, at this point the WWE has to look passed all of that. He is not someone who can carry the “Smackdown!” brand on his own or the company for that matter. If Rey Mysterio tries to restructure his contract again I say just let him go. He will cost the WWE more money than he is worth.

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  1. Even though I disagree with most of what you wrote here Adam, I have tons of respect for you. Most people who write about wrestling simply don't have the combinations of brains and guts to write something like this.

  2. While I will agree that Rey Mysterio's WWE persona has grown stale over the past few years, I wouldn't go as far as you in damning him. Rey still puts plenty of butts in seats, even if those butts happen to be 10 years old. Those kids (or the parents of those kids) are the ones buying up all the overpriced WWE merchandise (seriously, $40 for a t-shirt?!). So it makes sense to put the belt on Mysterio, even if for just the short term. And Mysterio can still put on a good match; his feud with CM Punk has been one of the best of 2010. I expect Rey to be a transitional champion who will ultimately lose the belt to CM Punk down the road (possibly Summerslam).


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