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Rey Mysterio is the Cover of WWE 2K22

Every year, some of the pro-wrestling superstars get to feature in the video game. 2K14 had Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 2K16 had “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and the last edition had multiple superstars as it was known as battlegrounds. After a gap of a year, WWE has announced the date to release WWE 2K22, which is on 11th March 2022. This year, the video game is featuring none other than the master of 619, Rey Mysterio.

WWE 2K History

WWE 2K is a series of professional wrestling sports video games. It was formerly known by many different names with a different publisher. Since 2013, 2K sports took over and the first-ever WWE game under 2K sports 2K14 was launched.

The last edition came out in September 2020 known as WWE 2K Battlegrounds. The video game features different storylines, matches, and wrestlers. Over the years, they have made immense progress in the graphics of the game as well as in the introduction of new gameplays.


Below is the WWE 2K22 official trailer announcement!

The Good Old Days!

Rey Mysterio is one of the most decorated pro-wrestling stars in the world. Staring his career at the age of 14 in 1989, he became very popular in Mexico. Later, he joined Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in 1995 and went to World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1996. He made Lucha Libre popular in the USA during that time, and slowly pro-wrestling fans started to like high-flying moves and cruiserweight matches too.

Journey of Rey Mysterio in WWE

In 2002, Rey Mysterio debuted in WWE and they aired promos of him before his debut creating a huge buzz around World Wrestling Entertainment. He defeated Chavo Guerrero in his debut night and since then, he has faced the best superstars during that period of time.

He won his first Tag Team Championship with Edge by defeating Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. Later, he went on to win the Cruiserweight Championship multiple times, feuded and teamed with Eddie Guerrero.

Mysterio wins Royal Rumble 2006

In the 2006 Royal Rumble, he entered second and went on to win the Royal Rumble match where Rey Eliminated Randy Orton at the end, Rey lasted about 62 minutes, and that Royal Rumble match is still considered one the greatest in history.

Later, at WrestleMania, he pinned Randy Orton in a triple threat match and became the World Heavyweight Champion. Rey Mysterio has won multiple championships in WWE till his departure in 2015.

He returned to WWE in 2018 and is still active. In 2021, Rey Mysterio also teamed up with his son Dominik Mysterio and they went on to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships, becoming the first father-son duo to win the tag team titles.

Rey Mysterio has done it all, from flying throughout the arena to battling with the giants, from winning championships to giving storylines to remember forever. With being on the cover of WWE 2K22, Rey Mysterio is also set to appear on the Royal Rumble match this year. This WWE Veteran has dedicated his entire life to pro-wrestling. Only time will tell how much fuel Rey has left in his tank.



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