Rey Mysterio Reportedly In Line For Big Push With Sin Cara Gone


The WWE championship tournament will conclude next Monday on RAW. A match between Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz will determine the new WWE champion and if you are a betting man, numerous reports suggest that Rey Mysterio is the odds-on favorite.

Several stories have hit the Internet today reporting that Rey Mysterio is in line for a big push. Rey will benefit from the impending departure of Sin Cara now that Mysterio will be the only masked WWE superstar. Additionally, with SummerSlam and the post-event RAW in Mysterio’s home town, the 619 is practically a lock to remain in the WWE championship mix.

[adinserter block=”2″]According to a recent report on, Rey may or may not win the WWE title but he is now officially in the mix. The WWE are looking to play off of the Chicago-Punk atmosphere at SummerSlam with California-Rey Mysterio and the following night on RAW. Quite frankly they would be foolish not to.

Unfortunately you have another case here were the lack of planning is something that could really hurt Rey’s sudden rise back to the top. Rey has more or less been a glorified jobber since being drafted to RAW. He has lost on consecutive pay per views and his wins in the tournament Monday were his first big singles wins on RAW. I am a huge Mysterio fan but all of those recent losses may hurt his credibility as a world champion at this point.

My prediction on how this thing plays out is that Rey wins the tournament next week on RAW. I think Alberto Del Rio immediately cashes in his Money in the Bank and regains the WWE championship. I think Rey and Alberto rematch at SummerSlam with Alberto retaining the title throughout the series.

Another option would be for Alberto vs. Rey to be booked as a SummerSlam 2011 match without any of the Money in the Bank stuff. Maybe at SummerSlam after losing to Mysterio, Del Rio immediately cashes in the contract. Barring injury I think one way or the other Alberto Del Rio will be WWE champion soon enough. Especially if he was originally planned to win the title at WWE Money in the Bank.

Another issue at play here could be Rey’s contract situation. Numerous sources in the wrestling media report that Rey Mysterio is not planning to re-sign with the WWE. This could be a last ditch effort to get Rey to change his mind. If not, Rey would be the second high profile WWE superstar to walk away this year, although Punk is going to be back at some point.

[adinserter block=”1″]So what about John Cena? Would the WWE proceed with one of its biggest pay per view events of the year, without John Cena in the top RAW spot? Of course not. My gut feeling here is that Triple H makes the RAW WWE championship match a Triple Threat Match with John Cena. I can’t see anything else that would make sense for Cena at this point.

Regardless of how this plays out it is nice to hear that Rey Mysterio will be back in the top of the cards. It is long overdue if you ask me.

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  1. I see the WWE trying to recreate the atmosphere of Chicago, but it won't happen. That was a once in a lifetime night. You can't recreate the building hatred of John Cena and the hometown hero who voiced the frustrations of every fan over 12 years old and not female. Rey is getting his push now to sell his new dvd and for the WWE to squeeze every possible dollar out of him before he leaves. Without Cena's rainbow t-shirts and Mysterio masks, the WWE would be in the red. Another Del Rio and Mysterio feud will carry Raw through Summer Slam and the ratings will suffer. Wake me up when they get Punk back or the Rock makes an appearance.


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