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Updated: Rey Mysterio Blows His Knee Out On RAW, Needs Surgery

The WWE may have a serious problem on their hands with Rey Mysterio. According to reports, Mysterio may have blown out his knee in the RAW match against Alberto Del Rio. The irony here is that this was a match that Rey should have never wrestled in the first place.

According to Dave Meltzer, Rey Mysterio blew out his knee on Monday night in the RAW main-event. The moment came on a simple baseball slide in which Mysterio reportedly heard his knee tear. Mysterio continued the match but is now on the shelf indefinitely, awaiting the results of an MRI.

Rey Mysterio confirmed the news on his Twitter account. “Was injured on Monday & at Dr.s now about to get MRI! Let’s c wuts up!619”

Hey, injuries happen but this is an injury that should not have happened for a number of reasons. Mysterio recently injured his knee at a house show and was taking precautions up until RAW. Mysterio even wrestled a six-man tag match at SummerSlam 2011 so he could take it easy. From all reports, Mysterio shouldn’t have been wrestling period.

Yet the WWE had to have him and why? The WWE creative team have screwed up the booking so bad lately that the company is practically devoid of any top babyfaces and were desperate for Mysterio to appear in his home town. Even knowing full well that Mysterio was hurt, the company advertised him a week ahead of time for the main-event which obviously put a lot of pressure on Rey to take the unnecessary risk of performing a television main-event for his home town crowd.

This is turning into a scary trend in the WWE. John Morrison recently came back from surgery and told the media that he wasn’t 100% upon his return. As a matter of a fact, Morrison told the media that he was at about 60%. That is unacceptable, especially for a guy that wrestles a reckless style in the WWE rings. Ironically it was Mysterio that stepped into Morrison’s spot when Morrison took some time off with the surgery.

The WWE are treading in some real dangerous waters here. If the company is pressuring guys to work through injuries because the creative team screwed up and haven’t booked enough strong babyfaces, well then the WWE is opening themselves to a potential can of worms. On the flip side, you can’t absolve the guys from their own lack of responsibility in working hurt.

But where does the WWE step up and refuse to allow a guy to work hurt? There are dozens of NFL players that suffer injuries and are willing to get right back into the game. Some do but in most cases the team will prevent the player from getting onto the field without proper medical clearance. It is easy to turn a blind eye and say, “Well he said he could wrestle.” But when the guy is limping around the locker room for two weeks, at some point you have to take the logical approach and proceed with caution rather than pushing a guy into a main-event in the midst of an injury.

Hopefully the MRI comes back negative and there are no lingering effects on Rey’s knee. However, at his age and with the numerous knee injuries he has suffered throughout his career, he would be very lucky to escape this injury scare unscathed. I just hope for everyone’s sake that Rey turns out okay and the WWE learns from this and will think twice before rushing a guy or girl into the ring who isn’t healthy.

In the end, it is better to be without one of your stars for a month as opposed to a year. Then again, they could always do a better job at stacking the company with a solid roster of stars but that would require smarter booking which apparently left the WWE a long time ago.

Update: Rey Mysterio posted the following on his Twitter – “Need to have surgery again! Sorry4 the let down! Promise to make it back as soon as possible!Gonna miss what I luv most-ENTERTAINING U’s!619” So yep, Rey will be going under the knife.

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