Rey Mysterio Not Taking His WWE Suspension Lightly


Rey Mysterio Suspension There is a very interesting story unraveling in the WWE. WWE announced the suspension of WWE I-c champion and SmackDown star, Rey Mysterio. Mysertio’s suspension is a result of violating the WWE Wellness Policy. Things got real interesting over the weekend when Mysterio finally told his story.

Mysterio gave an interview to a Mexican newspaper called The Record. Mysterio claims that he is innocent of all charges in the interview. Mysterio gives a very interesting defense to his violation. Mysterio refutes claims from the WWE that he did not have a prescription for prescribed medications.

[adinserter block=”1″]Mysterio claims in the interview that he did not find out about the violation until last Wednesday. According to Mysterio, the WWE gave him until Thursday to provide proof of the prescriptions. Mysterio claims that he did not have enough time due to being away on vacation. Mysterio says he does posses proof but the WWE will not accept it past the Thursday deadline. Mysterio also claims he will tell more of his side of the story at a later date on his website.

This is going to get messy. Mysterio is still scheduled to appear at this week’s WWE SmackDown tapings. The suspension is scheduled to begin following the taping. It is entirely possible that the WWE begins his suspension immediately and not allow him to wrestle Tuesday. This is a situation that could turn into a public relations nightmare for both parties depending upon who is telling the truth and who isn’t.

The problem here is that this isn’t Mysterio’s first dance when it comes to WWE Wellness Policy issues. A few years back Mysterio was linked in a Sports Illustrated article to a steroid and HGH ring. An investigation also linked Mysterio to Dr. Astin who was the doctor of Chris Benoit during the time of the Benoit family tragedy. Not too mention that Mysterio’s physique is noticeably much different than his WCW and lucha days.

I think the WWE is both right and wrong at this point. If Mysterio was truly on vacation, the company should have allowed him a little more leeway to deliver a script. I also understand why WWE posts Wellness Policy violations on their website. At the same time, they need to be 100% solid on these violations before they make them public. It is really unfair for the wrestlers not to be expected to defend themselves if they truly believe they have been wronged and allow WWE free reign to say what they want.

On the other hand, this could get dicey in a hurry for Rey Mysterio. Mysterio’s history immediately raises flags in a situation like this. I also don’t completely absolve Mysterio simply with a prescription. We all learned in the Dr. Astin case that just because a doctor is dumb enough to give you a prescription, it doesn’t always make it right. Chances are good that Mysterio could find any doctor who is a WWE fan to give him a script if he needs it.

[adinserter block=”2″]The bottom line here is that the WWE and Rey Mysterio need to get this thing under control quick. This is something that can immediately divide the locker room. Rey is very popular among his peers and the last thing that the WWE needs is even more separation between management and talent. It also isn’t completely out of the question to see this end in a divorce between both parties. There are several cases of high profile WWE talents walking out of the company over issues with the Wellness Policy.

Between merchandise sales and the Mexico market, the WWE can’t afford to lose Rey Mysterio. Conversely, the WWE also can’t afford to have an accident on their hands or evidence of a cover up for one of their superstars. It is a lose-lose situation for everyone involved in this one.

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