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WWE NXT RookiesSince the start of the angle last month wrestling fans have been pondering who the person behind the NEXUS stable is. We have heard names such as Triple H, Vince McMahon and even John Cena as the people responsible behind the NEXUS stable invasion. But now that it has been a good month now since NEXUS was formed and they are co-headlining the 2nd biggest Pay Per View of the year with WWE Summerslam, the question that I have to ask is do we really need someone to be behind this entire thing?

At the start of this angle I was behind full force that there was going to be someone behind this like a McMahon, Triple H, etc. But now that the angle has been going really well on RAW for the last month I’m beginning to think that the Nexus stable doesn’t need someone to behind their formation and if there were to be someone behind the stable, it would actually hurt the stable more then help it. Do we really need a good stable to be used as a spotlight for one already established wrestler/personality?

The beauty of this entire angle, something that wrestling fans are really enjoying, is that it has given seven wrestlers that we were introduced to on the WWE’s third rate show, the opportunity to raise the bar and become the potential future of the company. Wrestling fans are always clamoring for new wrestlers to get pushes and break through the glass ceiling. To often in the WWE we see the same rotation of the top stars in the company’s top program and now we are getting something completely different with seven basic unknowns dominating wrestling during the Summer of 2010.

[adinserter block=”1″]The minute the WWE adds a Triple H, John Cena, Edge, Jericho etc. to the stable it will take away the importance of the stable. There always needs to be some sort of face of the stable, the 4 Horseman had Ric Flair, the nWo had Hulk Hogan, D-Generation X had Triple H, for the Nexus it has been Wade Barrett, who is looking like the breakout star of 2010 in professional wrestling. He has done a great job on the mic putting over the group and holding his own with company’s biggest stars. His work has convinced many wrestling fans, including this one, that he one day will be a main eventer he is currently poised to be.

Leave Wade Barrett as the face of the stable, giving the other six members of NEXUS a smaller spotlight, but one that is enough to make these guys believable wrestlers when NEXUS finally disbands. Adding someone who is already established to the stable as the “leader” only makes the seven original Nexus members look weak. Adding an established name to the group will work for a couple weeks but after time wrestling fans will get board with the group and storyline. That’s neither what the WWE nor what wrestling fans want.

Cena, Triple H or whoever else is rumored to be behind this group doesn’t need NEXUS to get over. Nexus needs nexus to get over and they are doing a hell of a job doing that right now. It will be always interesting to see where this angle continues to take us every week on RAW and is that reason why a lot more wrestling fans are tuning in on Monday nights.

[adinserter block=”2″]Those are some of my thoughts on why NEXUS doesn’t need an established wrestler to lead them and I’d love to hear your thoughts when we discuss this topic on this week’s edition of The Still Real to Us Show. You can send us an e-mail at and give us your thoughts on whether you agree with more or not! Then go ahead and download the show this Thursday July 22nd @ 8pm ET/5pm PT at or to find out if your pick made it to the air!

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  1. If the Nexus truly want to be taken seriously, they need a serious, legit manager like Mr Fuji. A few nights being woken at 3am with a cane would mold them into a move over team than the 2010/11 Miami Heat. Don Morroco could come on board as team nutrionist with maybe Smash on makeup duties.


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