Someone Has To Replace CM Punk


In every wrestling promotion, there have been champions and challengers. The basic premise was there were always good guys and bad guys with promoters and bookers quick to make sure they had contingency plans for injuries and disgruntled performers – which did happen from time to time. The idea behind everything was there was always a plan, good, bad or indifferent.

[adinserter block=”1″]These days, everything is more about acting now, hoping the promotion hits and if not, worry about picking up the pieces later.

The WWE has been facing that kind of dilemma for months – trying to fix problems it could have prevented. The issues created with CM Punk’s sudden departure are firmly implanted in the core of this company – leaving Vince McMahon, Triple H and management scurrying to fill a huge sinkhole it has created. While there was no title picture for Punk, his ability to take over Raw and use his voice to captivate us all is something the WWE now needs.

While this is a weak parallel, I am still going to use it.

The National Wrestling Alliance was left holding the bag back in the early 1980s when Magnum TA almost lost his life when he was involved in a car accident that nearly left him paralyzed. Terry Allen was supposed to be the next in line to lead the NWA and its then-stranglehold on professional wrestling. In a quick move that “shocked” everyone, Dusty Rhodes and the others booking committee took a very green Nikita Koloff and made him a “face” and a star, but he probably would have been more successful as a heel.

In contrast, the WWE has had issues before with characters they do not know how to handle – The Miz, Dolph, and Punk are prime examples. Ziggler and Miz are born heels. Punk is a “tweener” who could make an impact on either side of the ring. Now, someone must replace him. While it appears Sheamus has been the benefactor of the “loss” of the company, he is too cartoonish and robotic and cannot carry the load or the weight of being the “head” of the WWE Universe. While we think John Cena is the ring leader, Punk is just as responsible.

So, who replaces Punk?

– Sheamus is the current leader in the clubhouse. He is effective in the ring and can be a very effective heel is need be. I think, like Miz and Zigger, is best served as a villain.

– The Miz would be amazing if he took center stage. While many do not like him, he is one of the best on camera in the company and one of the most marketable performers in the company. If he were to bring Maryse with him to the ring – well ratings will go through the roof.

– Wade Barrett is now a bumbling idiot in the company and does not appear in the ring. But his ability in the ring and his mic skills make him a viable candidate. Barrett needs to shine, because his recession has been as fast as the stock market last year.

– Dean Ambrose may be the most logical solution to this problem. A wild card in the ring. A great man on the mic. A solution to the anti-hero and a villain everyone embraces and then can turn on a dime and become someone the WWE Universe loves.

[adinserter block=”2″]While there are plenty of wrestlers in the locker room who could try to fill the void, there must be the “right” performer to make the move. Punk’s character was one that could change on a dime. It also has become one the fans loved, whether face of heel. In that case, the WWE had perfection in its hands.

It is now so very important for the company to grab it all over again.

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