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Remembering a Class Act – Trent Acid

Trent AcidWriting about someone passing always stinks. When you hear someone you knew passes away, your heart sinks instantly. I heard that Trent Acid had left us Friday evening and my jaw dropped. I can’t sit here and act like he was a best friend, let alone someone I knew personally. I will say this: Mike Verdi always treated me with respect when I saw him in the locker room. This is a writing to say goodbye to a “boy” who had the world in the palm of his hands. There are many people on the indy scene here in the northeast who will miss that smile. There are also a lot of us who are going to feel a huge void in the locker room that got to spend time with you.

When I was younger, I would ride to CZW events with my brother Eric. I always loved going to shows with him because when you are about 13 years of age, telling your friends how you hang out in the CZW locker room is a great story. So one of the first shows I went to with Eric, I go around with him and get introduced to everyone in the back. I remember meeting Zandig, Wifebeater, and many other legends of the 2000’s era. One person who stood out for his kindness was Trent. He came up, shook my hand and said, “What’s up little Gargiulo?” in that unmistakable voice. After that moment, I always thought he was such a cool guy, and someone I especially looked forward to saying hello to in the back.

[adinserter block=”1″]As time went on more hellos were said, and more handshakes were exchanged. I recall one night before a show, he and fellow Backseat Boy Johnny Kashmere were working on some moves for the match that night. I was sitting in the bleachers when I hear, “Yo little Gargiulo! What do you think of this?” I watched, and gave him big thumbs up. If I recall, it was him and Kashmere practicing a staple move called the Dream Sequence. I always liked watching his matches. Reading what others have wrote, one thing everyone says and I agree with was that he had “it.” There are some who think they have it, but Trent was born with “it”. He knew how to take a crowd, and whip them into a frenzy with an awesome promo or just a sequence of moves no one had thought of before.

I can recall a few years ago, Trent, Nick Berk and a couple other guys came to our house for a WWE pay per view. I thought it was the coolest thing ever to be watching a wrestling pay per view with wrestlers. I remember throughout the show we would all be talking and out of nowhere, Trent would let out one of his infamous “HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” for all to hear. You always knew he was lurking somewhere when you heard that laugh echo in the building. One of the best stories I can recall was from when CZW first went to Italy. Eric had just come back, and was telling me about all the different things that went on. I thought that Wifebeater playing the piano, and constantly saying, “Francesca Denali!” was hilarious, but another part of the trip topped it for me. They were on a bus getting to a venue, and WB started messing with Trent. Beater managed to rip Trent’s pants off, with his teeth! I laughed for a good few minutes because that was just classic Beater, and Trent was just the target of his hilarious assault.

[adinserter block=”2″]You can say what you will about Trent Acid. Everyone has stated that it was known he had demons. Frankly, people should, and have, looked past that and are remembering the good times. I choose to remember the man who was always in a great mood. I choose to remember the man who would ask me to get something for him at the concession stand, and gave me an extra dollar to get a drink for myself. I choose to remember the man who made me laugh when he and Kashmere dressed up for a CZW Halloween show as the Jive Turkeys. I may have not been close with him as others have, but he definitely was someone who I will never forget. We won’t forget you Trent Acid. I hope somewhere up there, The Midnight Express theme is playing and you’re getting the girls to put dollars in your trunks.

Josh Usher has been a fan of sports and sports entertainment for over 20 years.



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