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NFL Game Preview: Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles (-6)

Donovan McNabb and the Redskins are underdogs in Philadelphia. The online sportsbook makers know that NFL players are not normally as petty as the fans can be about loyalty. Players can move from city to city chasing their fortunes, while fans have roots in their towns and their NFL football betting is usually reserved for the home team. But this game between the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles may be different for Washington quarterback, and former Philadelphia quarterback, Donovan McNabb.

The Philadelphia Eagles are winning without McNabb. They are doing quite well actually. The Washington Redskins are not winning with McNabb on the team, and the football betting world is thinking that McNabb may be part of the problem.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Philadelphia Eagles under new starting quarterback Michael Vick have put up 83 points this season, while McNabb and the Redskins have only managed 57 points. That 26 point differential says a lot about an offense under Donovan McNabb. In Washington, McNabb has competent running backs and some excellent wide receivers. The offensive line is a bit suspect, but he should be able to adjust to that at this point in his career. Now the doubts are starting to seep into the head of McNabb, and now the Eagles fans may be seeing why Philadelphia was so anxious to let their franchise quarterback go.

Very few NFL predictions would have given Michael Vick a chance at football redemption. The knocks against him have not changed throughout his career. He is impatient, he is not much of a passer and he is not a team player. But the years, and a stint in prison, have changed Michael Vick. Luckily for Eagles head coach Andy Reid, Vick is now a complete quarterback and he is making Reid look like a genius for the decisions Reid has made the past 6 months. Eagles fans need to remember that Vick was not the plan, Vick was a happy accident. You cannot run a football team by counting on happy accidents.

In this game, the ramped up Philadelphia offense meets a decent Washington defense. Washington head coach Mike Shanahan still insists on throwing $100 million bust Albert Haynesworth on the field; and that has cost the Redskins on more than one occasion. But the rest of the Washington defense is playing pretty well. But they have not seen a quarterback like Vick yet. The Redskins defense has also not seen a receiver with the skills of DeSean Jackson yet. Not even Dez Bryant in Dallas can prepare the Redskins for DeSean Jackson.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Redskins offense may not be able to do much against an attacking Philadelphia defense. The Eagles have confidence on both sides of the ball, and that is starting to show dividends on the field. With a porous offensive line in front of him, Donovan McNabb may spend most of this game running for his life. Michael Vick will spend the game doing what he does best; running down another Philadelphia Eagles win.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 27-13

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  1. First off this is my first time to the blog, so I must say I am impressed.

    McNabb will choke (big game has proven and will prove me correct), but he'll have a warm welcome in my opinion.



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