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Recapping the WWE Supplemental 2009 Draft

kennedyThe WWE continued their 2009 draft on yesterday. This was called the “supplemental draft” for whatever reason, because by meaning this was not a supplemental draft. The idea was that the General Managers would draft wrestlers of their choice at-will. Tag team wrestling was the theme of the day and it wasn’t strengthening the division, it was tearing the division completely apart.

The big news was the breakup of a lot of different factions and tag teams. A lot of members of teams were drafted in the supplemental draft. The WWE unified tag team champions, the Colons were drafted to RAW. Carlito has excelled since going to SmackDown. I am a fan and hope he does well on RAW. Primo follows him, and both will bring their unified belts with them.

[adinserter block=”2″]Miz and Morrison were officially broken up today. Miz was drafted to RAW on Monday. Morrison was drafted today to SmackDown. I think this is a big mistake. Apart, these guys are going to struggle. Together, they make a hell of an entertaining team. Morrison has a shot, but I can’t see Miz doing a whole lot on RAW. This is a shame, as I was starting to become a big fan of these guys.

The biggest singles star drafted today would be Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy was drafted back to RAW. Remember a few years ago when Kennedy was drafted to RAW? It was predicted that the Kennedy would be the next John Cena on RAW. Unfortunately, things have not gone as planned for Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy has struggled since then both in and out of the ring. Kennedy has had a difficult time staying healthy. If he can stay healthy and show the office some confidence, I could easily see him doing big things on Monday nights.

Several younger stars will get the chance to be held back on different brands. Charlie Haas, Brian Kendrick. Shane Helms, and DH Smith all have new homes. I think all four of these guys could be big stars in TNA. I don’t see anyone here benefitting from a brand switch. Maybe it is hope, but I’ll go out on a limb and predict a big push for DH Smith. I mean it has to happen someday right?

[adinserter block=”1″]Overall, nothing of consequence came out of Wednesday’s draft. It is a nice marketing tool to get people to come to the web site. The idea that General Managers were choosing wrestlers and Triple H, Undertaker, etc weren’t picked blows the logic completely out of the water here. Nonetheless, the draft is over and unlike the NFL draft everyone is signed and ready to show up for work on day one. Even Hornswaggle.

The entire supplemental draft results:

Mike Knox to Smackdown

Ezekiel Jackson to ECW

Nikki Bella to Raw

Candace Michelle to Smackdown.

Zach Ryder to ECW.

Chavo Guerrero to Raw.

Ricky Ortiz to Smackdown

Layla to Smackdown Hornswaggle to Raw

DH Smith to ECW.

John Morrison to Smackdown

Carlito to Raw

Natalya to ECW.

Festus to Raw.

JTG to Smackdown


Dolph Ziggler to Smackdown.

The Brian Kendrick to Raw.

Charlie Haas to Smackdown.

Hurricane Helms to ECW.

Brie Bella to Raw

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