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Rebuilding the WWE Part 2

In saying that the WWE is wearing out the audience on their top guys, do you remember when there used to be surprises in professional wrestling? Or how about the nostalgia train that WWE can successfully run?

[adinserter block=”1″]One thing that the Monday Night Wars proved is that big surprises can garner huge ratings, just ask Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Unfortunately there isn’t really a second company that WWE could steal guys away from that could create a huge impact and even if there was, the WWE usually does a good job of screwing it up, just ask Chris Jericho, Tazz, and the Big Show.

If you read Chris Jericho’s second autobiography Undisputed, you get the idea that Vince assumes every guy he brings in doesn’t know their style and thinks they are crap because of it. That kills any chance of bringing in outsiders and debuting them in a huge way outside of their FCW guys who, lets face it, aren’t stars yet. Also, since WCW closed its doors 12 years ago, any of their top stars with any name power are too old to get any good work out of, not to mention that WWE’s PG environment has made the majority of their viewers a new generation who probably wouldn’t care as much if the only name that could create any impact, Sting, showed up.

So how do you remedy this? Well lets look back at what most people would consider one of the biggest markout moments of the last few years, other than Brock’s return, of course. Remember when John Cena walked around the entire day of the Royal Rumble with a sling and when number 30 was set to come out during the Rumble, his music hit? Everybody had to see that moment, Cena fans or not because it was just absolutely awesome albeit was more awesome live when it happened.

Can WWE stars just up and leave for months at a time? Obviously not all of them could create quite an impact by leaving and coming back since some don’t have the name power for fans to realize they are gone (Look at Zack Ryder in this instance, who could leave and people unfortunately wouldn’t realize) but there are certain superstars who they could have leave for a few months and bring them back in after the fans have missed them for 4 months as a surprise doing a run-in or being a mystery opponent or some other angle that would get the fans pumped to see them again.

[adinserter block=”2″]Letting your top guys take some time off not only will help keep them from getting burnt out but will allow you to rebuild them or keep matches fresh so that these high-profile matches will seem more high-profile rather than recycled. If there is one thing that the WWE can learn from the territories, it would be working injury angles that put John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, etc. out for 5-6 months and bringing them in to gain revenge against that mid-carder who took out the top guy and is on a rampage now.

You could even let these guys go to other promotions for a few months to generate some buzz and maybe help some competition but I will touch that subject in Part Three. Seeing the same guys every week though is what eventually makes sitcoms go under, think about that.

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