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Rebel Wilson’s Net Worth Explored in 2022

The “Pitch Perfect” actress recently came out as Queer.

It’s Pride month and Rebel Wilson is the talk of the town right now as she just came out as queer. And not only that, she was quick to reveal her relationship with Ramona Agruma through an Instagram post.

She captioned it with: “I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince… but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess #loveislove.” Her fans and followers congratulated her for coming out and openly sharing her orientation.

The actress has also trended big time in the past after her drastic weight transformation. Rebel Wilson’s net worth according to Celebrity Net Worth is $22 million. Today we explore everything about Rebel Wilson:

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Early Life

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson was born on 2 March 1980 in Sydney, Australia. She grew up in Kenthrust and Castle Hill where she attended Tara Anglican School for Girls. She completed her higher studies in 1997 and scored second place in Food Technology in the state.

Her first movie was Fat Pizza which she starred in while working at a cinema in Castle Hill however she quit after her patrons recognized her. She received her BA and BL degree from the University of New South Wales.


Rebel claims that she contracted malaria while she was in South Africa for one year which caused malaria-induced hallucination where she saw herself as an Oscar-winning actress. She said that this led her to pursue an acting career. She received an international study scholarship while she was a student in the Australian Theatre for Young People.

She first gained recognition for her performance in the musical “The Westie Monologues” which was written and produced by herself. She then gained worldwide fame in her appearance in the comedy series Pizza and The Wedge. She then got roles in Hollywood movies like Ghost Rider.

She is popularly known for her role in Pitch Perfect and now gets comedic roles in prominent movies and series and hosts her own shows.

Real Estate

Rebel bought a waterfront estate in Sydney for $3.75 million and $900 K for renovations in 2014. She later put it on sale in 2002 for $6.7 million. Currently, she owns a luxury two-bedroom apartment in a mansion in Balmain, Sydney.

Wilson has also been reported to be connected to a $3 million loft in Manhattan. She also owns a property in West Hollywood that costs $3 million as well as a second home worth $2.2 million in LA. AS for cars, Rebel owns a Toyota Prius which currently costs somewhere between $25, 00 to $30, 000.

Social Media Presence

Rebel Wilson is a social media sensation and an influencer. She has a massive fan following of 11.1 million on Instagram and 2.6 million on Twitter. She uses Instagram a lot and posts often on Twitter as well.

Personal Life

Rebel has two sisters and one brother. She lived with her co-star Matt Lucas in West Hollywood from 2012 to 2015. She is in support of strict gun laws in the country. While nearing 40, Rebel decided to free her eggs in an effort to make healthy life changes. She suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome as well as emotional eating due to pressure under fame.

In 2020, Rebel made her objective of losing 60 pounds and finished it by November. For most of her career, she has been known for her plus-sized figure and she has openly used it in her comedy.



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