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Reasons to Love Football, Not that You Need Any!

Every Sunday there are a dozen NFL games I can pick to watch via satellite. Every red-blooded American watches the NFL every Sunday. If Sunday was a workday it would be a sickday.

Everyone loves the NFL for different reasons, here are my top 5 reasons to watch football:

1. I have a reason to start drinking at noon. No one can listen to the pre-game with out a beer. Especially those @$$es on Fox Sports. I can stand Terry Bradshaw but the rest have to go.

2. I can call my bookie and put in a bet. NFL Betting may be the biggest reason why America loves the NFL. $20 down on the Saints every week.

3. I can eat junk food all day. BBQ, chips, dip, pizza, burgers, hotdogs and atomic buffalo turds.

4. My girlfriend leaves me alone the whole day. She doesn’t like football at all, but it usually costs me a couple hundred dollars to keep her out of the house. So its a give and take.

5. Fantasy Football. Now this maybe last on the list but its first in my heart. Sports betting is fun, but fantasy football makes the NFL the best damn sport in the world.



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