Reality Eats – More to Love TV Review


More to Love show Reality took a huge bite last night with a new reality dating show. Thanks to my girlfriend I got sucked into watching Fox’s plus-sized dating show More to Love. I think this was a good idea, but the execution was just terrible and at times tasteless.

In the words of Fox, it is a dating show about “regular people.” Regular is supposed to mean plus-size or overweight. The show spotlights a “regular” man tries to find his true love from one of 18 large women. There is not much regular about this show other than the fact that there is nothing real about this reality show.

The casting is just horrendous for this show. Let’s start with the women. Yes, these are some very big girls. However, there are only a handful of obese women. As a matter of a fact, some of these girls don’t look large at all. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of these girls are big. But this is not the cast you think of when you think of a dating show for large women.

[adinserter block=”1″]Their biggest mistake is the bachelor. First of all, the idea that this is some fat guy struggling to find a date is preposterous. The guy has a little weight on him, but has his stuff together. Second of all, the bachelor is a complete tool.. He tried to play the smooth act, “You have beautiful eyes, how about a kiss, etc.” His game was pathetic and came off as the most insincere guy looking for love on the planet.

At one point I literally wanted to punch the guy in the face. He was sitting with two girls like he was Hugh Heffner. He leans over and starts making out with the one girl as the other just sits there with the most uncomfortable look on her face you have ever seen. On a show that is preaching sensitivity, this was the most insensitive thing I have ever seen. The girl should have got up and walked out. The arrogance on this guy was unbelievable.

The presentation of the show bordered on tasteless at times. Every time a woman talked, they would flash her weight and height on the screen. I have never watched the Bachelor or similar shows, but I am guessing they don’t do that with the girls on those shows. It is bad enough that these women had confidence problems, but you didn’t need to see their weight flashed on television every time they spoke. We get it, they are big!

I may be called insensitive for this, but what the hell. I did find it comical that as the girls entered the house their weight kept going up. I don’t think that was coincidence. It was almost as if Vince McMahon had booked it Royal Rumble style with the high spots mid and late in the match.

[adinserter block=”2″]I don’t know much about these shows, but the concept is simple. It is about a guy looking to get laid. Here is what they should have done in my opinion. They should have taken someone the size of say Robert from Hell’s Kitchen and made him the bachelor. They definitely should have gotten someone a lot more humble than this guy. I can’t imagine anyone in America rooting for this guy to find love.

The bottom line here is that they have a pretty entertaining concept on their hands here. Ultimately I predict that the bachelor will sink this show within the first three weeks. I found less to love about More to Love by the end of the show. My guess is that America felt the same way at the end of the hour.

Check out the More to Love website for more information on the train wreck.


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