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10 Real Backstage Fights Between Pro Wrestlers (Part 2)

No punches were pulled when I ran down a list of 10 backstage wrestler fights last year on the CCB. So why not it going and take a look at some more instances where tempers flared and the line of reality was crossed. Thanks to some more good storytellers, here are 10 more tales of some of the most legendary backstage brawls.

[adinserter block=”1″]One of the most popular blogs here was a recap of 10 backstage fights between pro wrestlers. Readers enjoyed classic tales of disagreements and misunderstandings that led to real fights between two wrestlers who pulled no punches. The good news is that there is plenty more where they came from. So let’s take a look at some of these classic locker room legends and look back at 10 more fights between pro wrestlers no holds were barred and lots of hair was probably pulled.

Too Cold Scorpio vs. Road Warrior Hawk – Scorpio told this story on an RF Video Shoot Interview so you may have heard this one before. Scorpio and Hawk were on a tour of Korea with WCW and Scorpio made a comment on the bus about Ric Flair taking a limousine. Hawk took offense and made a racist remark to the former ECW TV champion. They had a scuffle with both guys taking shots but nothing coming out of it other than threats. Scorpio said he wound up sharpening chop sticks at one point in case of retaliation. Hawk allegedly sucker punched Scorpio in Tokyo. Scorp laughed it off and told Hawk his mother hits harder than that. The guys eventually cooled off and worked things out…for Hawk’s sake.

Bad News Allen vs. Andre the Giant – According to Bad News he had enough of the Giant’s racist remarks and offered to shut him up. On a tour of Japan Allen told Andre to shut up after the Giant told a racist joke. Andre responded with a racist remark. Bad News then proceeded to ask the bus driver to pull over and asked the Giant to step outside. Hulk Hogan allegedly quelled the situation and the Giant refused to step off of the bus. Andre apologized the next day but Bad News never forgave him for the jokes. I would say that Andre had the last word years later when he lost control of his bowels on Bad News in the middle of a match.

DDP vs. Scott Steiner – Steiner never liked DDP as evident by DDP’s own stories about the Steiner brothers ribbing him early on in battle royals. Years later things came to a head in WCW when DDP’s wife Kimberly accused Tammy Sytch of having drug paraphenalia in the locker room. Tammy refused and Steiner stuck up for her. Steiner verbally assaulted Page’s wife which sent DDP into a rage. DDP confronted him and was reported down immediately with Big Poppa Pump pounding away. The kicker here is that Page allegedly told other wrestlers that he was planning on confronting Steiner and asked them to break it up right away. They weren’t fast enough.

Batista vs. Booker T – The WWE doesn’t have many backstage fights these days so when this one came along, it got people talking. The incident reportedly took place at a May 2006 photo shoot. Batista was allegedly walking around with an attitude. Booker challenged Batista to go into an empty room and “[go] into an empty room and go for it.” Booker reportedly got the better of Big Dave for about five minutes before being sucker punched. Booker talked about it in an interview a few years back. “It wasn’t blown out of proportion. He took a pretty good beating. The thing is, when you’re in a fight, it’s different from an MMA fight. That’s the thing with me. I’ve fought my whole life. You don’t just call a person out to a fight if you don’t know their background, what they’ve been through, and how to test them. That was his mistake, and I think it was definitely a case of him underestimating me, and thinking he was the bigger guy. For me fighting is in the blood, and it’s something I grew up doing. Honestly though, I hope Batista does well (in MMA), even just for the business’ sake.

Ernie Ladd vs. Jack and Jerry Brisco – I will give all credit to Dave Meltzer on this one. Dave recently told the story on an podcast. According to Dave, Ernie was scheduled to drop the NWA Florida championship in 1977. Ladd refused to do jobs at the time if they were videotaped. Ladd saw a video camera and walked out, refusing to do the job. According to Dave, promoter Eddie Graham sent the Brisco brothers out to rough up the Big Cat and teach him a lesson. Ladd was ready with a tire iron in his backseat and according to the story, knocked both of the Brisco brothers out cold. Ladd then allegedly placed them both in the trunk of his car and dumped them on Graham’s front lawn. Ladd of course vacated the title.

Ric Flair vs. Eric Bischoff – The problems between Flair and Bischoff in WCW are well documented. Not that Bischoff is known as a pro wrestler, but hey he’s laced up the boots a handful of times. Bischoff declared to the locker room at one point that his goal was to bankrupt Ric Flair. A couple of years later in 2003 the two met again in the WWE but this time Bischoff was a performer just like Flair which gave Flair more latitude and boy did he take it. Flair attacked Bischoff in catering and wrote all about it in his book.

Finally I told myself, I’ve let him get away for too long. If I want to raise my boys to be men, it’s about time I acted like one. On March 17, 2003, before a broadcast of Raw, I saw Eric in the dressing room on his cell phone, talking about some Girls Gone Wild Pay-Per-View that he’d gotten involved with and how it was going to “revolutionize” television. I heard him use the classic cliché, “It’s taking on a life of its own.” I went into the catering area and asked Arn Anderson if I could speak with him. He followed me into the hallway, and I said, “Please, just watch the door.” He had no idea what I was talking about. I returned to the dressing room and approached Bischoff. “I need to talk to you,” I said. He held up one finger so I would wait, but I had already waited too long. I slapped him hard across the face, knocking the cell phone out of his had. He began backing up. I swung at him three times, but couldn’t connect because he was moving so fast. When Bischoff got to the wall, I pushed him onto a couch, climbed on top of him, pressed my finger against his eye, and said “I could take your f*ckin’ eye out right now.” (I could have also used my fist to bust open his face while he was cowering underneath me, but that wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted him to get up and fight.) I backed away so he could rise from the couch. “Let’s go! Right Now!” I yelled. I swung my leg around and kicked the back of his leg, hoping it would jar him out of his seat. “I’m not going to fight you,” he said, but I wasn’t going to give him a choice. Suddenly, Sergeant Slaughter–who’s now a WWE road agent–was standing between us. “Ric, what are you doing?” he asked. “Just paying a debt,” I told him. Personally, I’m sure that Slaughter would have just as soon pulled me off a bloody Bischoff than separated us. But Vince doesn’t want his agents to lose control of the dressing room, so I let Slaughter led me away.” Unfortunately for the Nature Boy it is probably Bischoff who is having a successful career as a television producer and Flair…well he’s still Ric Flair.debt.

Bischoff said this about the fight during an interview in 2009. “What was ironic about it for me – Ric and I have certainly patched things up and are working together and I talk to Ric once or twice a week and everything’s fine. And I don’t want to open up old wounds, but I’ll tell you from my perspective what was confusing to me… Let me set the tone for you first. I was literally sitting in an office on the phone talking to my accountant and my lawyer about some property issues and a piece of property I was thinking about investing in. And my wife was on a phone. It was in a conference call. I’m kind of minding my own business and Ric came in and with Arn Anderson and Coach and I think one or two other people came in behind him and, you know, Ric was going off. That’s the setting. Now, I’ll tell you that in the weeks leading up to that incident, the incident I’m about to describe from my point of view, okay, Ric and I and Arn had gone out and had beers together after the show a number of times (laughs). I didn’t know that there was something bothering Ric. So when I was sitting on the phone on this conference call, Ric comes in and is literally challenging me. I was looking for the camera because it didn’t make any sense. I really felt, well, wait a minute, am I in a segment that someone forgot to tell me I was in? Is this a rib? What the hell? So there was a moment of real confusion on my part. I was sitting in a chair as he yelled, “Get up, get up get, I’ll kick your ass,” or whatever he said, I don’t recall. I honestly was sitting in my chair on the phone carrying on a conversation and the people on the other end of the phone were hearing this. They asked, “What’s going on?” I said, “Don’t worry about it, it’s Ric.” (laughs) Then it became obvious to me it was far more serious than I initially thought it was. I think Ric took a punch or two, but I was on TV ten minutes later and I don’t think anybody noticed anything.

Nasty Boys vs. Ken Shamrock – This is one of the most famous fights between pro wrestlers. This fight took place prior to Shamrock’s UFC career. The three were wrestling on Carolina independents when they got into an incident at the bar. According to Shamrock, the Nasty Boys made a rude gesture to his friend’s fiancé and Shamrock told them to beat it. Shamrock later confronted them in Saggs’ hotel room and busted his way in there. Shamrock then claims that Knobbs nailed him from behind with a steel phone or lamp post and the Nasty Boys proceeded to beat the living crap out of Shamrock. The Nasty Boys then allegedly wanted to throw Shamrock over the balcony and onto the concrete but other wrestlers intervened and cooler heads prevailed.

Brian Pillman vs. Sid Vicious – This is another classic that goes back to 1991. Pillman was reportedly enjoying some drinks with fellow WCW stars when newly WWE superstar and former WCW peer Sid Vicious walked into an Atlanta bar. Sid reportedly came into the bar bragging about his new WWE salary and mocked Brian and the other WCW wrestlers. Brian challenged Sid to a fight. Sid walked away only to return with a… squeegee! Sid was allegedly laughed out of the bar for returning with the squeegee and nothing further materialized.

Tony Atlas vs. Paul Orndorff – The origins of this one looks to be the early 1980s when they were in the Georgia territory together. Orndorff talked about it in a shoot interview. Orndorff said that he was driving with Tony and Brian Blair when things got heated with Mr. USA. He said Atlas was getting on his nerves so he asked Brian to pull the car over. He got out and according to him, “whipped Tony’s a$#.” Orndorff claims to have put Atlas in the hospital due to this beating. He did mention in the interview that they used to get along well before that and wasn’t sure where things went wrong.

[adinserter block=”2″]Vince McMahon vs. Nailz – This may be one of the most famous Vince McMahon stories of all-time. This was the one time a pro wrestler stood up to Vince once Vince took over the company. Bret Hart actually wrote about this in his book. Kevin Wacholz was upset about his SummerSlam payoff and confronted Vince about it. According to Bret, John Nord watched the door. Bret says in his book that he heard a lot of yelling and then a loud crash.Vince off the complaints and Wacholz then proceeded to choke Vince until he turned blue. Wacholz was fired and failed lawsuits materialized against both parties. Wacholz had one last attempt at retribution during Vince’s steroid trial. Wacholz testified against Vince but wasn’t found to be very credible. According to WrestleCrap, Wacholz told the court, “I hate Vince McMahon’s guts.” Imagine that.

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  1. There were very few people in wrestling that Andre the Giant didn’t want to f#ck with but Bad News Allen was one of them. Should’ve kept his big mouth shut.

  2. Sorry, Andre made racist comments in the presence of Coage and wouldn’t fight him, and you’re describing Andre as the one getting his revenge? Seems a bit backwards. If anything, Coage should’ve been the one shi%%ing on Andre.

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