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Big Changes To WWE Extreme Rules Main Event

The early WWE Extreme Rules 2011 card is not that excitingIt hasn’t been a week and we have already seen the top two matches changed at Extreme Rules 2011. RAW from London featured a match that resulted in a big change to the Extreme Rules main-event. John Morrison defeated R-Truth on RAW and will replace Truth in the Triple Threat Match.

Trish Stratus‘ favorite WWE superstar John Morrison has now found himself in the Triple Threat Match at Extreme Rules. Morrison defeated R-Truth and was awarded his spot in the WWE title match at Extreme Rules. The new main-event for the WWE championship sees John Cena vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz. But oh, the WWE isn’t done making changes just yet.

It was also announced that the Triple Threat Match will now be held inside of a steel cage. The Steel Cage Match stipulation now makes the match “extreme” although chances are you won’t be seeing any blood or hardcore brawling in this one. However, with Morrison in the match, I would expect to see some crazy acrobatics like the ones he attempted to pull off in the Elimination Chamber.

The change is now the second change in less than a week to the two Extreme Rules main-events. Last week WWE world heavyweight champion Edge caught the entire wrestling world off guard last week when he announced his retirement. He was replaced by his former tag team partner Christian as a result of the happenings at Friday Night SmackDown. Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio for the WWE world heavyweight title in a Ladder Match was announced as the new SmackDown main-event.

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The news about Morrison comes at a very odd time for the former WWE tag team champion. It was just a little over a week ago when news broke about Morrison being uncooperative with Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 27 over the fact that he felt she cost his girlfriend Melina the spot in the match. Morrison immediately wound up in the dog house as evident by last week’s RAW where he was pinned in a Gauntlet Match. It appears that John Morrison’s “time out” will be a short one as it appears that he has now stolen R-Truth’s spot. According to reports, Truth turns heel after the match and gives Morrison more than a cold shoulder.

If I had to guess, I don’t think the news about Morrison, Extreme Rules, and the WWE draft is just coincidence. News broke earlier today that the 2011 WWE draft would take place next Monday April 25 as opposed to its originally scheduled date in June. My hunch is that R-Truth will be going to SmackDown, thus making his appearance in the match unnecessary. I would also venture to guess that with the need to elevate talent after Edge’s abrupt retirement announcement, that Morrison for better or worse is getting a second chance a lot sooner than he would have if things remained status quo in the WWE.

Like Morrison or not, I like the match a lot better with him in it as opposed to R-Truth. Morrison has the chance to shine in a cage and may even steal the show, something R-Truth likely had no chance of accomplishing in the match. It also gives the WWE an opportunity to move towards a Miz vs. Morrison feud which has far better potential than R-Truth vs. The Miz.

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