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Clank To The Future: Ratchet & Clank Video Game Review

Ratchet & Clank gameRatchet & Clank have been some of my favorite games across multiple Playstation systems both portable and console. The first game was an instant classic on the PS2, it introduced new ways to play a 3D platform and it also brought with it a very good sense of humor. Jak & Daxter at the time were the kings of the 3D platform for the PS2 and many felt that this game would simply just use those characters as a spring board to make some cash, but they were wrong.

Ratchet & Clank many people feel is the better game. To me, there so even its hard to tell them apart. What I love about the Ratchet & Clank games is there endless amounts of exploring and creativity. It’s like a futuristic GTA but for Kids. Jak & Daxter went there separate ways with there own spin off games. They reunited on the PS2/PSP and are yet to be seen on the PS3. Ratchet & Clank are into there 3rd outing on the brand new PS3 and this game is by far the best in the current story line. The game centers around Ratchet & Clank as usual but in this game the emphasis is on working well alone and then reuniting to deliver the knock out blow to your arch nemesis Dr. Nefarious and his side kick Laurence. The game centers around Time Travel for both characters as well as the continuing story of Ratchet’s origin. The two stories later combine into one mission with a single purpose, protecting Time.


Box Art:

[adinserter block=”1″]As Clank you travel throughout an area known as The Great Clock which is located at the Center Of The Universe give Or Take About 50 Feet, that’s the actual location as told in the game. While in the Clock, you begin to unravel your own clouded background as well as travel inside Clank’s sub-conscience to not only learn more about yourself and your many attacks, but to also learn how to control time yourself. As Clank, you are known as a Junior Time Keeper, someone with the responsibility to keep Time in line so to say. For completing your first journey into your sub-conscience, you are rewarded the Chrono-Septer, a lance with a built in Flux Capacitor, this weapon has the ability to turn back time on any given object it touches. It also is used to defend yourself and to also deflect incoming enemy attacks right back to who sent them. Your also given Time Bombs, which are used to either slow down moving object or moving enemies. These bombs come in handy while your traveling through the entire galaxy as well as through those fast paced areas where you have to act fast. You can also slow down enemies in there tracks so you can either get out of there or put those enemies down for good. These weapons also work on bosses as well its not limited to small enemies or just for moving objects.

Our Heroes:

One of the coolest aspects of this is the ability to literally take control over the game, as Clank you have a lot more control over the environment then Ratchet does. You can restore walkways, bridges, as well as record a digital version of yourself to unlock doors you couldn’t without help from others. You can record many versions of yourself to stand on switches so you can open those doors that require many switches to be hit at the same time to unlock them. You can record at first 2 version of yourself, each version is color coded and if you stand back on the platform where the color hologram of yourself is, you will see and outline of what that recording will do before you click on Record & Play. You can overwrite a previous recording to further on in the puzzle so you can complete it, and once you complete the puzzle your given a huge reward in bolts depending on the difficulty of that puzzle. Bolts are the currency that you need in this game to buy the vast amounts of insanely cool weapons in this game. You can also buy Armor upgrades as well. All of the buying applies to Ratchet mostly since Clank already has a weapon that’s able to control the flow of time. Most of the Weapons are so strange and so powerful, there some of the funniest things I have ever seen in a game. There’s two in particular that are very funny, Mr. Zurkon and The Rift Inducer 5000. These weapons as I said are for Ratchet only, even after you reunite with Clank your still controlling all of the weapons with him. Mr. Zurkon is an automated floating android with one purpose: Destroy Anyone That Is Not Mr. Zurkon. Obviously, Ratchet & Clank are protected due to them both being the owners of said weapon. Mr. Zurkon goes even further then that, his never ending taunting and witty one liners are so awesome. And speaking of upgrades, there are 10 pieces of a blue print that are scattered all over the universe that once all collected, form the most powerful weapon in the known universe: The RYNO V. This weapon is a walking Fourth Of July with all of the explosions associated with it. It also has the ability to level up to max out at level 5 just like any of the other weapons. Also, when you finish the game, you can purchase OMEGA versions of the Level 5 weapons you have unlocked. The RYNO V can reach level 10 before its capped but the coolest part of this weapon is the Music it plays while your blasting away. And to give you a hint of what it was, well, its basically the music from Caddyshack when Danny sinks the put. Get It?

The Zoni:

[adinserter block=”2″]The Rift Inducer 5000 is one of the last weapons you can buy in the game and it shows why it takes that long to access it. The whole purpose of that weapons is to create a black hole that floats above wherever the weapon is fired and then out of no where, Fred Attacks! The creature that lurks inside that black-hole is known as Fred and it is VERY hungry. Fred will devour any enemy within the cloud and reward you with all of the bolts they dispense. All of these weapons have there own personality as well even if they don’t speak. The first weapons your introduced to are blasters and hand grenades. These two weapons, The Constructo Pistol and Constructo Bombs, are named that for a specific reason. The Constructo Company owns there rights and said weapons have upgrades that can be found throughout the entire galaxy. These upgrades include damage ratio, ammo count, projectile type, explosive power, as well as adding explosions that damage aerial enemies. You can also customize the weapons with different color schemes. The Constructo Weapons are the only weapons that can use the Constructo Mods which are the upgrades you find throughout the galaxy. You can do so many upgrades to your weapons before and after you find these Mods, and you can also change them as much as you want as well. If you save your game and start again, you can keep changing the weapons layout.

Rift Inducer 5000:

Mr. Zurkon:

Constructo Mods:

But the upgrading does not stop there, your weapons as well as Ratchet have an RPG element that has been in all the games throughout the series. Only now is it more implemented, XP! For every enemy you destroy, puzzle you complete, hidden item you find, bosses defeated, as well as for giving a hand to needy robots and monsters throughout the galaxy will land you XP that is used to level up Ratchet. Each level you gain, the more health you get and the more you can unlock. The more levels you gain, the stronger the weapons will become when you go and purchase them. Weapons also have XP as well, which is separate to Ratchet’s, there XP is determined solely on how much they are used and how many enemies you destroy with said weapon. Weapons leveling up is much different then Ratchet leveling up since Weapons will eventually max out at Level 5, Ratchet really doesn’t have a leveling system like an RPG character, he only gains more health and better weapons. Ratchet also does not increase his fighting power much as well with each level up. Don’t get me wrong, you do get more power to your attacks but the primary source of your attacks will be weapons or your trusty Wrench, there is no hand to hand combat. Weapons do more then just increase ammo count, they also transform and become far more powerful then before. With each level up, your ammo automatically is restored and your ready to inflict chaos on unsuspecting machines. For example, when you level up to level 5 with Mr. Zurkon, he becomes Mr, Zurkon: The Destroyer, his blaster gets a huge power increase and he is able to attack faster and last longer in the fights. Also, level 5 weapons get a new name and a brand new appearance, so do not get used to seeing the same weapons very long. Also, some weapons allow you to decide which type of attacks you want to use whether it being a single shot or a triple shot, regular rounds or explosive rounds, all the while you ammo count remains the same.

This game has so much destroying going on, there explosions all over and there effects are very well done. You find more ammo in crates as well as bolts you can use. You can revisit areas for quick bolt fixes or you can simply go to the Battleplex and compete in tournaments with monsters and robots for the prizes that await. Its there that the final 4 weapons of the game are unlocked, but be warned go there with low health and limited weapons and you will be owned. All of these weapons you can buy are from a company known as Grummel Net. Before you select which weapon you want to buy, you can watch a commercial for said weapon. These commercials are hands down the best part of this game, there all hand drawn cartoons with a huge sense of humor is almost mind blowing to see a well done cartoon within a well done game. Usually great games spawn cartoon shows but this game just pokes fun at commercials with these hilarious cartoons. These cartoons show you the origins of the weapon as well as a demo on how they work. These weapons, some useful and some useless, are very cool to use and are very easy to use. One button controls your attacks whether they be with the Wrench (Square), or a weapons (R1), you can also side step to get an even better angle on your attack. This comes in handy with some of the bigger bosses in the game, you can also so all type of somersaults and jumps and the controls just flow so naturally and well that its completely fluid and lag-less its unreal. The cameras can use a little bit of work, these types of games have there share of camera issues but due to there generic ways of being controlled, someone will have to get creative to figure out there more annoying issues.

Amazing Graphics:

Clank The Time Keeper:

The controls are so well done that it should be shown as the template on how to do control for 3D platforming. Everything just feels so smooth and responsive, most FPS games do not even have this much fluid like controls and there supposed to be the most advanced of there generation. Ratchet & Clank games are known for so many things but to me this is the biggest selling point: Great Controls. The characters you will meet throughout the game are some of the most outrageous you will ever see in a game. First up are our heroes Ratchet & Clank, returning once again for more galactic adventuring. Then there’s our villains, Dr. Nefarious and Laurence, the evil Dr. who is also more machine then a man, get it? And his side kick, Laurence, a robotic butler who is usually quick to throw in sarcasm when he sees fit. He also smacks around Dr. Nefarious a few times when he malfunctions. Then there is Grummel, the mutant behind all those weapons you own and upgrade as well as the voice of the commercials you watch before each purchase you make. As you progress through the game, your often sent out on rescue missions, these missions are all the same: Rescue Captain Quirk. This guy is a superhero…sort of. This guy reminds of the character the late Phil Hartman played, Blasto! This PSone cult hit spawned Captain Quick since the whole premise of Captain Quirk is all macho and all self indulgence. He is so full of himself its hysterical, he even has his own movie, TV show, and hit arcade game that only you play…because no one else is playing it. My Blaster Runs Hot, a complete ripoff of the classic Robotron 2084. The game is flash based so it very easy to play, just use one analog to move and the other to attack. Its just like Robotron…in fact it is Robotron, Captain Quirk merely put himself in it.

Our Villains:

Captain Quirk:

General Azimuth is another one of Ratchet’s kind, there known as the Lombax a mysterious race known for there agile speed and there trusty wrench. There the builders of the galaxy who suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from existence. Throughout the game you find more clues and information about Ratchet’s family and race as well as finding out the true nature of The Great Clock and what it was built for. There is also another group of beings in this game that are very important, the Zoni. These little bug like glowing creatures are what caused Clank to vanish from Ratchet and there also used to level up your space ship so you can travel deep into the universe. You have a ship in this game that can be used to travel the many different galaxies in this game as well as help out stranded aliens and robots. You can also locate the missing pieces of the Ryno V Hologram, Gold Bolts, Zoni, as well as face off in boss battles in space. Your space missions are not mandatory to a degree, you do have some that are required to complete in order to continue on in your journey. The space missions are so easy to play and so quick and responsive, I just wish I could control going up and down, you can only move your ship side to side. It feels like Star Fox, but it is no Star Fox. They go as far as even copy some of the communication elements from that game as well as the weapons you can use in your space ship. You can do barrel rolls, fire lasers, missiles, tow stranded ships, and drag missing or broken equipment to various wholesalers for rewards. There are also many side quests that can be done while in space, so pay attention. You can also use Warp Speed! No longer do you have to select a part of the galaxy and then fly to the planet you wish to land on, you can use your warp drive and just land there no problems. You can also land on many moons that contain mini games that reward you with many of the hidden items you need to unlock even more powerful weapons.

General Azimuth:

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time is hands down a system seller. But then again, every Ratchet game is that way. It has so much to offer to so many different types of gamer there are that its literally endless if your playing it for fun. If your playing it to finish it 100%, you will be rewarded with Trophies as well as being able to track your progress and compare to your friends. Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time is now available for an MSRP of $59.99. Rated E10+ For Everyone 10 And Up. Only On PS3.


-Gorgeous Graphics!

-Fantastic Sense Of Humor

-Amazingly Responsive Controls

-So Much To Do

-Time Controlling Is So Unique Compared To Other Games That Have Done It

-Space Missions Feel Like Star Fox

-Lots Of Different Weapons

-Lots Of Upgrading Options

-Weapons Are Insane

-Awesome Cast Of Characters

-Great Scale Of Depth With The Galaxy

-Lots Of Places To See And People To Meet

-Lots Of Hidden Items

-Trophy Support!

-Quick To Pick Up And Play

-Mr. Zurkon

-The RYNO V Is Simply Put: Awesome!

-LOTS Of Back To The Future Mentions!


-Camera Can Be An Issue

-Movements Are Fluid But Can Be A Bit To Fast

-Space Missions Do Not Allow You To Control Up And Down

-Captain Quirk

-No Online Multiplayer – It Was Removed From The Series Since Ratchet: Deadlocked

-You Can Get Lost In All Of That Lots To Do

-It Ends

-Hoverboats Don’t Work On Water Unless You Got POW-er

-If It Wasn’t For Uncharted 2, This Would Have Been 2009 Game Of The Year
Official Score

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Rating – 5 Stars Out Of 5

Editor’s Choice Award
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