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Rashad Evans Still Crying About Jon Jones

The Rashad Evans vs. Jon Jones UFC 133 fight may be off, but it hasn’t squashed the hurt feelings by Evans. In a recent interview, the former UFC light heavyweight champion is still whining about Jones and continues to feel betrayed by the champ and his camp.

MMAJunkie.com has a great interview up on their site with the former UFC champion. Rashad Evans still hasn’t gotten over what he calls the betrayal of Jon Jones and his camp. The funny thing about this entire story is that according to some reports, the two guys only met not that long ago. You would think that Evans’ brother turned on him.

[adinserter block=”1″]”People have good intentions, but the road to hell is paved with the best intentions,” Evans said. “When it comes down to it, people are going to look out for themselves.”

The irony here is that Evans is actually the one benefiting the most from the fight. Jon Jones is the champion. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose by fighting Evans. It is Evans who has everything to gain with not much to lose in the fight. The whole bitterness coming from Evans is ridiculous and the more he talks, the more he comes off like a big baby.

Evans kept talking. “When it comes to fighting your teammate, whether it be Keith Jardine or Jon Jones, we had always maintained that we wouldn’t fight. There were no circumstances that would make that change. We always said that, and Jon said it a few months before I was scheduled to fight Rua. He was saying it the most. Then to turn around and say, ‘Well, I’ll fight him if Dana says to fight him,’ of course Dana is going to say, ‘Fight him.’ Dana’s job is to put on fights. So by saying that, it’s like saying, ‘I’ll fight him.”

Here is an easy solution to this problem. Don’t train with guys in your division? Evans has surrounded himself with a camp full of light heavyweights and now gets upset when he is put into a position to fight one of them? As a professional athlete, why wouldn’t Rashad Evans want to fight Jon Jones? Is he really going to pass up an opportunity at the championship because his friend has the title?

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I don’t think anyone that competes in an MMA ring is a coward, but Evans’ continued reluctance to take the fight is odd. What if Jon Jones held the title for the next three years? If Evans wasn’t going to fight the champion, than why fight? Plus, why in the world would Dana White or Joe Silva book Evans at all if he wasn’t ever going to fight the champion? From a business standpoint it makes no sense to put Evans into a position where he could beat a bunch of guys and go undefeated and yet not fight the champion. It waters down the division and puts the UFC in a situation where they are giving guys title shots who aren’t the number one contender.

[adinserter block=”1″]This whole idea of fighters not fighting friends is really ridiculous. Ex-sparring partners fight each other in professional boxing all of the time. Some of the best storylines in boxing history came from a former sparring partner fighting his mentor. Athletes compete against their friends in other sports all of the time. The idea that fighting a friend is off limits in MMA really makes a lot of these guys look foolish.

I am also not naive to think that some of this isn’t just Evans adding interest to his fight with Jones. Evans is one of the best talkers in the UFC and I have a hard time believing 100% of this, although I think he believes a lot of what he is saying. If Jones feels that strongly about fighting teammates I would suggest training outside the division.

And hey, if Phil Davis knocks him out at UFC 133 all of this talk is for nothing anyway.

Read the entire interview over at MMAJunkie.com


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