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Rashad Evans Predicts Four-Minute Win At UFC 133 captures real-time emotion as Rashad Evans finds out about the fight change from Lyoto Machida to Tito Ortiz. A happy Evans then cuts a series of pro wrestling promos on Ortiz, one in which he predicts a four minute victory at UFC 133 in Philadelphia.

[adinserter block=”1″] has a phenomenal video up on their You Tube channel following Rashad Evans through his camp leading up to UFC 133. Heavy was lucky enough to catch Evans in real-time throughout the UFC 133 card changes. Remember, Evans was originally scheduled to fight Bones Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title. Jones dropped out, then new opponent Phil Davis withdrew, Lyoto Machida accepted then declined, and finally Tito Ortiz agreed to the fight.

Evans is disappointed when he finds out that Machida declines the fight, thinking his camp was all for nothing. Evans then starts talking about the possibilities of fighting Rampage Jackson or Bones Jones instead. Yet he is delighted and surprised when his manager informs him that Tito Ortiz is in for UFC 133.

This is really a great video. Evans is tremendous as he cuts a couple of promos that would rival most of what WWE fans see on Monday and Friday nights. Of course that should be no surprise since Rashad Evans is an admittedly big pro wrestling fan, specifically a big “Macho Man” Randy Savage fan. Evans cuts promos on the time of the fight and feeling disrespected from Ortiz for accepting on short notice.

There isn’t a whole lot to take away from this video as far as making a fight prediction. One thing that is notable is Evans talking about how the UFC now has to re-tape segments for the future countdown special now that Ortiz is officially in. Evans talks briefly about how it disrupts his camp now having to redo everything for the UFC cameras.

[adinserter block=”1″]Although it could be worse. Evan’s opponent the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz was in a car accident this past week. Ortiz got into a minor car accident a few days ago and smashed up his Rolls Royce Phantom. Even worse, Ortiz told that insurance won’t cover the damages and it will be coming out of his pocket. Talk about an incentive for a Knockout of Fight of the Night bonus!

Check out the video and follow Heavy as they document Evans along the road to UFC 133. The UFC also just released the official fight trailer. If these videos don’t get you pumped for Ortiz vs. Evans 2, I don’t know what will.

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