Rashad Evans Owns Jon Jones In Intense Faceoff


Rashad Evans Jon Jones fakeRashad Evans may be the most underrated fighter in the UFC when it comes to hyping fights. He has been playing mind games with the champion since day one. While the jury is out on what Evans can do to Jones in the octagon, but mentally he is already getting the best of him.

[ad 6]Check out this video featuring Evans and Jon Jones sitting together on CSS SportsNite. Evans deploys a malicious verbal assault on Jones to the point where I actually started feeling sorry for the champ. I’ll give Jon Jones a lot of credit because most men in his situation would have either left or gotten physical with Evans.

For MMA fans, this video is about as polarizing as it gets for both fighters. If you like Jones, you are going to hate Evans for attaching Jones beliefs, confidence, and authenticity. If you hate Jones, you will probably get up off of your chair and applaud Evans for the things he says about Bones. I really think it is that cut and dry.

I know that there are a lot of MMA fans that hate when fighters bring this pro wrestling shtick into their sport. I can empathize but at the end of the day, it really is about selling shows. Having a great fight is nice, but these guys all want to make as most money as they can to do it. As a pro wrestling fan Evans knows this and continues to be one of the best when it comes to utilizing these tactics to sell fights.

It is none of my business to question Jones’ religious beliefs so I won’t do it. But I think we can all take a step back and question Jones when he calls himself the greatest fighter in the industry. He is great, that is undeniable. But let’s face it. He fought an old and slower Rampage Jackson, a broken down Shogun Rua, and a Lyoto Machida who is way past his prime. Evans pointing out the inaccuracy in Jones’ statements is something I can get behind. Evans also saying that Jones needs to lose to find out who he really is is also something that makes a lot of sense.

Evans simply pointing out that Jones has a Bentley in the middle of Jones talking about how he doesn’t have a lot of money is something that makes Evans the fan favorite here. Evans is very cocky during this exchange, but nothing he says here is untrue. The hypocrisy here in Jones’ statement is something that I think MMA fans have a big problem with when it comes to his authenticity. Jones doesn’t draw the way someone with his star power should and a big part of that could be fans not believing Jones is the Boy Scout he portrays himself to be.

[adinserter block=”1″]There is a downside here in throwing Jones to the wolves. Jones is young and win or lose, is a big part of the future of the UFC. If Evans keeps telling fans over and over again how fake Jones is, Jones drawing power could take a bit of a hit. The biggest difference between pro wrestling and this exchange is that this would all end with Jones victorious and Evans endorsing his former protégé.

Unfortunately for Bones, that endorsement doesn’t look like it is coming anytime soon.

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