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Rashad Evans Offers To Train Rampage Jackson For Bones Fight

Rashad Evans either hates Jon Jones more than Rampage or he is the smartest marketer in the UFC. Rashad has extended an invitation to train his rival through Twitter. As you can imagine, the pleasantries didn’t last long.

You don’t have to wait for a future UFC Countdown show to get a taste of Rashad Evans vs. Rampage Jackson 2, just follow them on Twitter. Evans offer to train Jackson for his fight with Bones soon turned into a revival of the great series of promos that made UFC 114 a blockbuster.

Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans talked themselves into one of the biggest grudge matches in UFC history. 1,050,000 fans paid $50 to watch the two UFC light heavyweights do battle, tied with the second biggest buyrate in UFC history. Unfortunately I don’t imagine many people asking for another fight after watching what most thought was a letdown of a fight.

[adinserter block=”1″] Well Evans and Jackson may wind up talking themselves into a rematch starting on Twitter. A few playful tweets between Rashad and Rampage have turned into an all out Twitter brawl. I am not necessarily a big fan of either guy but I can sit down and watch these guys tweet back and forth all day long.

It all started with a Twitter confession from Rashad Evans.

#truelife twitter confessions: y’all can’t hold this against me but I was in special ed 4 two yrs! It was embarrassing but fun! Lol@SugaRashadEvans

Rampage didn’t waste any time to jump in and take a shot at Evans. Because as you know, it is a lot of fun to make fun of specially challenged kids, well according to Rampage it is.

@SugaRashadEvans I knew something was wrong wit u bra,I could tell by the way u dress! U should get a short bus and pimp it out dog 4real!@Rampage4real

Rashad was quick to respond to his UFC rival.

@Rampage4real I wanna do it like your short bus u had with your image on the side of it but I don’t want it 2 do those extra tricks! Lol@SugaRashadEvans

Talk about a potential storyline there. Could you imagine the ratings a UFC Countdown special would get featuring Rashad training with Rampage? How awesome would that show be?

@SugaRashadEvans hahaha I’m not dumb enough 2 train wit u,I still owe u an a#$ whooping,so I hope u win your next fight. No rust this time@Rampage4real

@RunkRussell @Rampage4real know I love him like a play cousin that I want 2 fight on sight! I’m gonna help him train 2 beat Jones!@SugaRashadEvans

Unfortunately Rampage isn’t a fan of training with Rashad and crushed my hopes and dreams with one tweet.

@SugaRashadEvans , I hope u don’t train like u fight #insertdeeznutsnyomouth,thanks 4 da offer,but u r still on my hit list brah@Rampage4real

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Rashad looked like he was having a little bit of fun and wasn’t taking the war of words too seriously…yet.

@Rampage4real indeed u do owe me but don’t hold your breath..#insertbreathjoke..Lol Alright u can use my coaches I won’t b there 2 beat u up@SugaRashadEvans

@SugaRashadEvans haha funny,yall scared 2 fight n the @ufc,I come 2 fight not game plan! Plus I beat the guy that taught u da #stankyleg!!@Rampage4real

@Rampage4real well from one special ed 2 another have a nice day! BTW found your special ed class photo stay up! – @SugaRashadEvans

You can make fun of Rashad being a special education student. You can make fun of his fashion, but don’t make fun of his fights. Game on!

@Rampage4real Remember when Wandy had u doing the Weekends at Bernies thru the ropes,when Shogun made u quit, & Forrest dug in them cakes?!@SugaRashadEvans

@Rampage4real there r many more times when u got your manhood taken but twitter don’t allow that much space 2 bring them all up. Lucky u!@SugaRashadEvans

@Rampage4real U got no room 2 talk about my fights your last 2 were extremely boring! U living off the fumes from your Pride days!@SugaRashadEvans

@Rampage4real fighting u equals easy payday 4 me! Frankenstein got better footwork than u & your hands r trash! Govern yourself accordingly!@SugaRashadEvans

@SugaRashadEvans hahahaha ok dude,train hard so u can win,& ill do da same,so we can do #2 and let’s c if u stay so cocky,I’m gonna end u!@Rampage4real

[adinserter block=”1″]The irony here is that between Rampage and Jon Jones, Rashad Evans has done more talking about two guys he won’t be fighting than the actual guy he will be fighting at UFC 133. I can’t imagine @DanaWhite is too happy about that.

Speaking of Dana White, don’t count White in on the Evans vs. Jackson rematch bandwagon.

Talking’s fun before the fight, but if you do all this talking and then you go in there and don’t fight, who wants to see that (crap) again?” White told USA TODAY. “Rampage-Rashad, the (freaking) snoozefest? I don’t want to see that (freaking) fight again.

Hey listen I don’t care if the rematch sucks or not but sign me up for Evans vs. Jackson 2. I don’t know if these guys are posturing for a rematch, making an attempt at the UFC Twitter bonus, having fun, or really just don’t like each other. Either way, keep it coming boys.

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