Rashad Evans Imitates Randy Savage On Inside MMA (Video)


Rashad Evans imitates Randy SavageA quick promo on Inside MMA for an interview with Hulk Hogan turned into a fascinating look at pro wrestling through the eyes of MMA fighters. UFC fighter Rashad Evans talked about his favorite pro wrestler Randy Savage. Evans capped off the taped interview with an imitation of the Macho Man, which ironically aired the day Savage died in a tragic car wreck.

I watched this at aired Friday night and thought about how eerie the segment was. The crew shot to a promo for “The Voice vs. Hulk Hogan” and wound up coming and talking about pro wrestling. UFC fighters Rashad Evans, Jon Fitch, Mark Munoz, and Strikeforce’s Daniel Cormier all talked about their love for pro wrestling, but Evans specifically talked about his all time favorite, the Macho Man.

[adinserter block=”2″]The segment was obviously taped as no mention of Savage’s death was made. I just found it almost eerie that not only would the former UFC light heavyweight champion pay tribute to the Macho Man, but also finished off appreciation with a good old fashioned Randy Savage an imitation. Dave Meltzer recently said that he felt Savage may have been the most imitated pro wrestler of all time. How ironic that one of the biggest stars in the UFC is imitating the familiar voice on Friday night.

The discussion also turned to the question about pro wrestlers crossing over into the world of MMA. Kenny Rice brought up Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley and asked if the fighters thought that more pro wrestlers could make the transition. All of the fighters agreed that Lesnar and Lashley are special cases due to their extensive amateur background and that most pro wrestlers would have a hard time, although they did pay the wrestlers respect for their work schedule.

The conversation then morphed into a whole discussion on pro wrestling. All of the fighters talked about being pro wrestling fans growing up. Fitch was particularly funny here when he mentioned that he threw out all of his pro wrestling swag the day he got home from his first amateur pro wrestling practice. Evans ribbed him a bit and joked that it took a wrestling practice for Fitch to realize pro wrestling wasn’t fake. Fitch and Evans shared a good laugh about it as did the rest of the panel. Cormier was also good here talking about his 43 year old brother who still thinks it is real.

The panel then talked about the live event comparisons between the WWE and the UFC. Host Kenny Rice really put over the production values of the WWE and said he thinks that the UFC was the first company to really go out there and copy the WWE style of doing live events. The rest of the fighters agreed. Evans even revealed at one point that if he had it to do all over again, he probably would have been a pro wrestler.

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Check out the video below which highlights some (unfortunately not all) of the discussion on the show. If you are a pro wrestling fan, it really is an interesting look into how the world of the WWE is perceived by the UFC and MMA fighters. Inside MMA airs Friday nights and replays throughout the weekend on HD Net.

[adinserter block=”1″]Talk about eerie! UFC light heavyweight fighter Rashad Evans sat in on this week’s Inside MMA and a conversation on pro wrestling broke out. Evans said Macho Man Randy Savage was his favorite wrestle of all time. Unfortunately the taped piece aired the day Savage died in a tragic car wreck.

On a side note, Evans’ imitation of Phil Davis was also quite funny following a clip of a taped interview with his upcoming opponent.

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