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Randy Savage, the Ultimate Professional Wrestler – Downtown with Darsie

Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan headlined WrestleMania VPutting my love of professional wrestling and my Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy to use together, I wanted to think outside the box of Randy Savage’s career. So I put my Philosophical Cap on, sat in my recliner, grabbed some old-school World Wrestling Federation on VHS tapes, my computer, and a 24-pack of Mello Yello, and gave into some heavy, hardcore thinking about the “Macho Man!” Ooooohhh yeah!

One thing I’m sure everyone would agree on is Randy “Macho Man” Savage was the ultimate worker in the business of professional wrestling. I’ll be using two old-school feuds that the Macho Man had in the WWE (I did mention I pulled out my WWF VHS tapes, right? Good!) in defense of my thesis of this article. What are the two feuds I’m referring to?

[adinserter block=”2″]Mega-Powers Exploded over the Immortal’s Eye for Miss Elizabeth (1988-1989)

Yes, the first feud I’m referring to is the year-long build for WWF WrestleMania V with WWF Heavyweight Champion Randy “Macho Man” Savage defending his title against challenger Hulk Hogan. Now why would I say that this was one of the best matches ever? Randy Savage is known to have awesome matches with just about anybody. He’s in the league with Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels, on being able to get just about a great match out of a bad worker, even a broom stick!

But why this feud? This feud had a year building before these two men stepped foot into the squared circle to face off with each other. It all started at WWF WrestleMania IV when Hogan came out to help Savage fend off Andre the Giant when Savage had his hands full of the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. It started when Savage won and Hogan came in to help celebrate, and Hogan put Miss Elizabeth up on his shoulder, and Macho gave Hogan a glance. Yes readers, a glance to start a feud.

No one would have guessed that “the glance” that the Macho Man gave to the Hulkster would be the match to set off the fire for the following WrestleMania‘s main event. This is one feud I wish the current WWE writers would try to model off of, because 1988 WWF writers (well, if there were some back in ’88) worked a year ahead and booked backwards. No matter what people say about Hogan, putting these two men together in the main event of WrestleMania V was smart. It wasn’t until WWF WrestleMania X7 where X7 did more buys than V. Think about those feuds.

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Macho Kingdom versus the Warrior – Loser Retires Match (1991)

The second feud I’m talking about is the “Retirement match” that Randy Savage had with the Ultimate Warrior at WWF WrestleMania VII. Now I don’t think I have to go into much detail with this feud, because the Warrior was like Hogan in a sense that people loved him, he’s jacked up on steroids, he wore bright colored trunks, and his matches were super short because he couldn’t “wrestle” a long match, the Warrior was super over with the fans.

But everybody knows that the Warrior wasn’t the best worker in the business. If not, jump on Twitter and send me a tweet @edardar and I’ll link up some stuff for you to show you why the Warrior wasn’t a good worker. With the added stipulation of whoever loses has to retire (when stipulations were actually held up for a while), everyone wanted to tune into WrestleMania in 1991.

Along with Savage vs. Steamboat at WrestleMania III, or Savage/Hogan at Mania V, this match is considered to be one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history, and even in wrestling history, period. Not many people could carry the Ultimate Warrior into a good match, even a great match, but on this night, the “Macho King” Randy Savage did. With knowing that Savage carried Warrior in this match because the Warrior isn’t a good worker, I believe Savage is one of the best wrestlers, hands down.

[adinserter block=”1″]Philosophical Corner: Along with these two feuds where Savage carried his two opponents, two other moments in different feuds people remember. When Savage was the WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion and was building up his WWF WrestleMania III match with Ricky Steamboat, Savage came off the top rope with the ring bell across Steamboat’s neck. The other feud was when Savage was still “retired” after his match against the Warrior and Jake “the Snake” Roberts had Savage tied up in the ropes and had his snake bite Macho’s arm, and the snake went into business for itself, and gnawed at Macho’s arm.

To wrap up this article, I hope you guys see where I’m coming from and agree that Macho Man is the guy that the younger stars should strive to become. If not his promo skills, his in-ring work. If not his in-ring work, his promo skills. Randy Savage is the ultimate professional wrestler. I believe the current and inspiring professional wrestlers can take notes from the “Macho King!” I’m Eric Darsie from Minnesota, snapping into a Slim Jim, ooooooohhh yeah! Dig it!

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