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Randy Savage and His Overlooked Greatest Matches

Randy Savage will take his rightful place in the Hall of Fame the night before Wrestlemania 31. Although it’s hard to believe, there is a younger generation out there who may not be familiar with Savage’s work. WWE has produced 2 DVDs on the career of the Macho Man, and there is hours of content on the WWE network, but I want to take a look at some matches that often get over looked.

VS Jerry Lawler (Steel Cage match 12/12/1983)
During the early 80’s Savage’s father Angelo Poffo ran the ICW promotion and competed against the southern territories, more specifically the Memphis territory. When the promotion was in dire financial straits in , it was purchased Lawler and Jerry Jarrett of the CWA. Savage eventually showed up on Memphis TV, challenged Lawler, and thus his first major feud began. This match ended in a DQ, but was a brutal match from top to bottom. You get to see an early wild man Savage plant the seeds  of him becoming a superstar. A great match between 2 hall of famers. On a side note, Lawler’s career is vastly overlooked. Savage and Lawler would eventually rekindle their rivalry and face again in a cage when the WWF invaded the USWA in 1993.

Teaming with Lanny Poffo vs The Rock N Roll Express (6/25/84)
During the summer of 1984, Savage teamed with his brother Lanny is a series of brutal matches against the Express. This is yet another Savage match that ended in a DQ, but what was unique about this match was what happened after. Savage pile drove Ricky Morton onto the announce table. Many are on record saying that this was the first time a table was in such a matter in wrestling. The moment was so influential that Terry Funk would perform the same move years later to ignite his feud with Rick Flair.

Vs Bret Hart (Saturday Nights Main Event 11/28/1987)
This is the first time these two hall of famers ever faced each other. During this time, Hart was one half of the Hart Foundation tag team. Just from the historical standpoint of what these two have accomplished, it’s worth a look in it’s own right.

Entire Diamond Dallas Page feud in WCW
Randy Savage had only a few memorable moments in WCW, and out of those, his feud with Diamond Dallas Page stands out the most. The two face off at multiple WCW pay per views in 1997 including Spring Stampede, Halloween Havoc, and the Great American Bash. Any of these matches are well worth your time.

Vs Hulk Hogan (10/31/1985 WWF Title match)
Savage’s feuds with Hulk Hogan are well documented. However, this match was during Hogan’s first WWF title run before Hogan and Savage even teamed together. Though not the most exciting of matches, this is another match that plants the seeds of a feud that would begin years later.

Vs Genichiro Tenryu (4/13/1990)
During the early 90’s, the WWF would have superstars appear in New Japan wrestling for supershows at the Tokyo Dome or the Egg Dome. For those who are unaware, Tenryu is one of the all time Japanese wrestling greats. This is another match that while not exciting, but is interesting to see Randy Savage wrestle in front of a Japanese crowd.

Notable Mentions
I left off some of the obvious matches that many wrestling and savage fans are well aware of. If you are just digging into the career of Randy Savage, some of his classic matches include:

Wrestlemania V – vs Hulk Hogan
Wrestlemania VII – Retirement match vs the Ultimate Warrior
Wrestlemania VIII –WWF title match vs Ric Flair
The WCW World War 3 Battle Royal in 1995
Wrestlemania 3 vs Ricky the Dragon Steamboat

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