Randy Orton, WWE Elimination Chamber, and other Thoughts


Now is the WWE’s chance to shine and make Elimination Chamber the underrated pay-per-view of the year. The company has taken the right steps to challenge Randy Orton (and the Authority) in his quest to retain his WWE World Title.

[adinserter block=”1″]The fact Triple H and the First Lady of Evil, Stephanie McMahon are teasing Orton to bring out the best in him only creates more drama for a February program on a Sunday night with the same result as the previous one – a win by the champ. Ultimately, the WWE must get to a Brock Lesnar/Batista match, which cannot happen until after WrestleMania XXX, but could be the headline match at SummerSlam.

The message behind McMahon’s idea of having Orton, who plays the pissed off heel better than anyone I have seen since Randy Savage, face all five opponents from the Elimination Chamber in singles matches is much the same as the company did with Money in the Bank where champions faced off week after week – giving the fans and the USA Network some of the best wrestling of the year. It also started the Daniel Bryan craze (Yes! Yes! Yes!), and his march toward becoming he superstar he is today.

This gauntlet-like style does many things, which will benefit both Antonio Cesaro and Christian more than any of the other five wrestlers. Does someone like Cesaro or Christian win the title or get to the final match in the event? No. But while Christian’s “One More Match” theme is old and haggard (just as he looks in the ring), the exposure can only help Cesaro – who looks good in singles matches, and make him a star again and possibly lead to a split with the Real Americans.

Honestly, this is match Orton wins. Even if he loses all five matches against his opponents over the next few weeks (with the help of The Authority or Kane), the older adage of the face winning on camera and the heel winning in house shows will live true.

Too many tag teams

The WWE has been building a tag team stable that two years ago was nonexistent. But with the New Age Outlaws (oh, you didn’t know?) holding the straps and The Brotherhood chasing them, the other teams are twisting in the wind, leading to potential major changes this year.

The company has already started with the split of The Prime Time Players – something that should make Titus O’Neal a superstar. A split between Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger might not be far off.

The Outlaws still look like they are a team from 2000. Fluid, quick and charismatic – all the same characteristics they had as part of D-X and as the best tag team in the WWE. They bring an added energy to the division the younger teams could learn from.

The next generation

The fact Roman Reigns, O’Neal, Cesaro and to some extent, Cody Rhodes are being featured more and more on television – it shows the WWE is planning for the next era of superstar in the company. And more should be on the way. Darren Young, Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow could all join the fraternity, but the WWE will need to repackage them in such a way that reintroduces them to the WWE Universe as the new breed of outlaws.

Wade Barrett is flapping in the wind

[adinserter block=”2″]The WWE has blown the Wade Barrett experiment more than any other wrestler currently on the roster. While Ziggler was a world champion and has since become the company’s biggest jobber, Barrett is jobbing without having to get in the ring. Barrett would be a great replacement for CM Punk, but his now a man of words only – not action.

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