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Randy Orton Wins the WWE World Heavyweight Title – Video

Randy OrtonSo much for that Christian WWE world heavyweight championship reign. Christian’s big push lasted a total of two days. In a result that is sure to split the WWE Universe right down the middle, Randy Orton defeated Christian at the SmackDown tapings to win the WWE world heavyweight title.

According to reports from the SmackDown spoilers, Randy Orton and several others challenged Christian at the beginning of the show. SmackDown’s G.M. Teddy Long wound up polling on the crowd as to who should get the first title opportunity. The Viper won the poll and Long made the match Tuesday night at the SmackDown show to air this Friday night.

[adinserter block=”2″]Randy Orton defeated Christian in the main-event and recaptured the WWE world heavyweight title. Most reports indicated that the match was excellent and well worth going out of your way to see. According to reports, Orton used the RKO out of nowhere to score the pin at around the fifteen minute mark.

Talk about returning to SmackDown with a bang. Randy Orton now officially takes his place in the top spot on SmackDown as champion. The move is certainly debatable with arguments for both sides of the result. On the one hand, Orton is clearly the top wrestler on the brand and should be positioned like one. On the other hand, one could argue that having Orton as the top babyface with Christian holding the title would give SmackDown two strong main-event programs for the brand and could even build to an eventual match at SummerSlam. If there is anything that I think a good majority would agree on is that it appears the WWE blew their load with this one and should have waited instead of just giving it away without any build.

Randy Orton tastes WWE main-event gold for the first time since September 13, 2009. The win also marks only Orton’s second WWE world heavyweight championship reign. It has been almost seven years since Orton’s first run with this particular belt. It was Orton’s first major WWE championship win and should certainly be acknowledged that way in the upcoming weeks to put more emphasis on the belt and Orton’s current run as the champion.

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For Christian this has to be a huge blow to Captain Charisma. Christian has struggled since returning from TNA Wrestling to the WWE in 2009. For the first time since his return, Christian was given a main-event WWE run and his fans appeared to be enjoying every second of it. While Christian fell into the push due to Edge’s retirement, he certainly scored with the ball by delivering an excellent match at Extreme Rules 2011 and his most recent match to air Friday vs. Randy Orton. I suppose he could turn heel and feud with Orton, but that wouldn’t make much sense with Mark Henry’s recent turn.

[adinserter block=”1″]Christian, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes, and Wade Barrett are all viable opponents to challenge Randy Orton for his new WWE belt over the next few weeks. I think there is still some business left with Orton vs. Christian in rematches, but that would take decimate the babyface side. Barrett and Sheamus seem like the obvious first challengers in the mix. Cody Rhodes would be fresh and the Legacy tie-in is definitely marketable.

The match will air this coming Friday night on WWE Friday Night SmackDown. In the meantime, watch this fan filmed video from the Smackdown taping.

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  1. Definitely disappointing. I hate to state the obvious, but Christian had the charisma and the look of the every day man who could stay in shape and entertain crowds. You're also right about putting all their eggs in one basket..does anyone think Orton or Cena will drop their belts at the next two supplementary PPVs? No intrigue whatsoever.

  2. Vince was never a fan of Christian(probably because he isn't a tatted up musclehead), and he probably vetoed any World title run, but had to this time because of Edge. This was probably his way of saying "there, Christian fans he got his title run, happy now?" Hopefully he gets another crack at the title because he never got a fair chance to run with the ball. Personally I hope he turns heel because Christian was always a better as a bad guy imo

  3. Boo. Come on WWE! It's because he left, and because they had to jump on the momentum of Edge or lose that. Seriously, they put the belt on Miz for how long, but Christian gets 2 days? Hopefully Kharma has better luck in the Women's Division, maybe she'll get 3 days!


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