Randy Orton Vs. Kane Could Be Heading To WWE WrestleMania 28


Randy Orton vs. KaneThe top of the WWE WrestleMania 28 card is all set with only the undercard remaining. Several intriguing WWE superstars are without matches, prompting fans to play arm chair booker. A look at this week’s SmackDown spoilers may be a tip off of a fairly big undercard matchup.

Please note: the following contains SmackDown spoilers for the Friday Night SmackDown broadcast airing this Friday March 2. If you wish to avoid spoilers, stop reading now, otherwise you have all been warned.

[adinserter block=”2″]Former WWE champion, The Viper Randy Orton returned to action this week wrestling WWE world heavyweight champion in the SmackDown main-event. Orton was attacked by the big red machine, Kane following the match with Bryan. Orton was laid out with a choke slam in what appeared to be the start of a new program.

This also piggybacks off of some interesting news that popped up a couple of weeks ago about post-WrestleMania WWE house shows. WWE fans quickly noticed an odd match featuring Kane vs. Randy Orton booked on several WWE house shows. While those lineups are always subject to change, I would say that with the angle and the scheduled matches, the match is all but locked in for WrestleMania 28.

Now there could always be something of a swerve here, but I don’t see it. The only other possibility here is that both Orton and Kane are booked in a Money in the Bank type of match. That would not surprise me at all. Otherwise, all signs seem to be pointing to a one on one match between these two WWE superstars.

Off the top of my head I can’t ever remember Orton and Kane having any kind of a sustained feud. They have wrestled in sporadic matches and had something of a mini-feud on SmackDown, but that is all I can remember (correct me if I am wrong). So, the bright side of this is that the feud is new. The downside of this is that you have a real wasted opportunity in my opinion with Randy Orton.

I know this may not be a popular statement, but I found Randy Orton to be the Wrestler of the Year in 2011. He had very good to fantastic matches with several wrestlers of different styles. In my opinion, the guy completely turned the perception around of him being a lazy, uninspired worker. On top of that, Orton was a good soldier and put more people over than probably anyone else did last year in his position. I expected Orton to be rewarded with a big spot in Miami. A match with Kane is not it.

I will admit that I do like Kane’s new character but at the end of the day, it’s Kane. Kane is a fairly boring wrestler in the ring, limited in size, age, and injuries to exactly what he can do. His match with John Cena at the Elimination Chamber 2012 was probably as good as it will get for Kane. Tasking Randy Orton with having to get a good match out of this guy in 2012 is a waste of Orton’s talent and star power in my opinion.

[adinserter block=”1″]I would have much rather preferred to see Orton get the chance to shine. Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, and even another match with Christian would have given Orton an opportunity to go out there and steal the show. The only thing Orton will be stealing here is time.

Again, nothing has been officially announced so this is all speculation on my part. However, I think it is fairly safe to say that we are looking at a Randy Orton vs. Kane match in some shape or fashion in Miami. I just hope it turns out better than it looks on paper.

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  1. i think bringing kane back as a more evil kane then have him lose two in a row will be bad. he needs to beat his next oponant and do it well. if he loses again no one will beleive he is to be feared. then he needs a run for a title any title, he deserves it.

  2. I def agree on everything that u've said regarding orton's quality and all but it's in their hands to build it up and make it a big and good match.

  3. The apex preditor I'am sure will beat kane at wrestlemania if and when they meet, kane is really starting to piss me off I mean what's his problem with john cena embracing the hate, what's his stupid buissnes with cena to think I was reaaly excited about him coming back from the injury mark henry gave to him to take revenge for it just like the big show did instead he focused is attension on cena who by the way I think his reasons 4doing it is baseless

  4. I think it's fine, actually. I was hoping for Kane/Ryder, if only to validate Ryder as a legitimate star by getting a win over an established guy. But there's nothing wrong with Randy Orton getting a win over Kane at WM either, and then maybe doing Ryder/Miz instead. (Because I can't imagine the WWE is doing this "Miz is mad about not being at WM storyline" without actually giving him a match, unless he's doing some pointless comedy run-in.)

  5. Being the best in the world that I am, I'm going to tell u the storyline behind kane vs orton for wm28. Its simple really kane is looking for revenge. Try to remember this, it was orton who was more than responsible for kane unmasking back in 2002… kane is now remasked… lookin for revenge for making him waste years trying to feel his power of his mask again after bein diminished by.. Well.. orton!. Seems far fetched but that's the storyline.. Actually if u look how this wm28 is gona turn out.. ALL of the matches was actually one year (bryan vs orton, punk vs jericho,) if not more years (eg kane vs orton, hhh vs taker, rhodes vs show) in the making

    • Sorry, meant bryan vs sheamus. (Jst consider wm27 if u dnt know whn I meant 1 year in the makin btween the two). show vs rhodes? More than 1 year in the makin? YES, damn it, the way Rhodes is xplainin himself to everyone is simple enough 4 me not to explain it bt rather xplainin it in 3 words.. Show's Wrestlemania Career, so plz dnt tell me that not more than 1 year in the making…

  6. You bash on Kane's in ring work yet defend a guy who's JUST or hell even MORE predictable than John Cena. Orton has been boring ever since he's turned face and his little 3-4 moves of doom says so. Don't dare give me the whole putting people over as an excuse, this feud is killing Kane's character even more if they end up facing off. We all know what's going to happen with this.

  7. i think kane vs randy orton at wrestlemania 28 will be a great match that's what i think i also think that a good stipilation would be a street fight falls count anywhere and no dq does anybody agree i hope so .

  8. I'm an Orton fan and I think that would be a great match, Kane puts over young talent all the time so he would be able to keep up with Orton. Kane has given up the spotlight throughout his career I think its time to give him some respect and the reason heis match with Cena was so bad is because Cena is a terrible wrestler when it comes to technique.

  9. I got to take issue with the way you bash kane's in ring ability, and then think hey shamus is a better wrestler for orton to face, Kane is 44 and he still looks like he is 34, kane is very good in the ring for a guy of his size, and when ever kane and orton face each other they seem to put on one hell of a match. How is Shamus that much better than kane in the ring? when no offence to shamus he has not got a very gimmick, to back it up with wrestling ability about the same standard as kane. Shamus just got a break as a rumble winner. Wrestling ability is only half the battle, its about personality and presence and masked kane is a presence

      • I have you seen randy orton in the ring, he so stiff in the ring he almost broke someone's neck doing a DDT this year. How many times as he botched the RKO before really hurting someone. There is a reason why orton is not in the bigger picture, because he is for me botches to many sports and hopeless on the mic, he is reckless and he as buried so many talens he is paying the price.

        Unless you are HBK every wrestler is limited, kane is a power wrestler and he is good at that is well. Kane and orton have put on some fantastic matches, kane as suffered from the PG era he has to hold back which is one reason why he is limited these days, back in the day kane was able to let allot of dangerous moves, but when the tombstone powerbomb and a few other moves are removed from his amour, it is not helping kane. Apart from cena/rock taker/GOD everyone is being put under the rug including the champions


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