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Randy Orton: The Return of the Legend Killer Will Save the WWE Corporate Angle

Mark Madden was right – professional wrestling have never been more disliked by fans who view the sport on a weekly basis. For those fans who keep up with it like they do NASCAR or the NFL or the latest celebrity gossip, it is not as exciting as it once was.

[adinserter block=”1″]The angles are crappy, the talent watered down and the promotion of repetition is killing the business. If the WWE wants to really wants to make a statement about something new and exciting (not just something to take up time while Sheamus and John Cena are on the mend), it needs to continue to push the Big Show heel turn for the Corporate angle, and the continued destruction from Randy Orton.

For so long, the idea of an Orton heel turn was teased like a stripper in Las Vegas at a casino. Orton must be the “Legend Killer,” only in such a way that he becomes a heel everyone truly hates and there is no blurred line between that fact.

All too often the heels in the WWE are cheered, sometime more so than the faces because they are real, they identify more with the masses, and frankly today’s society loves to cheer for the bad guys. For this reason, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, The nWo and DX were wildly popular.

Orton cannot give fans the slightest reason to like him, much like Mark Henry in his World Title run where he was much a hated character as JBL used to be.

The “new” Randy Orton, who doesn’t have the World Title and takes his aggression out on every WWE superstar on the roster, is the one the company needs if this corporate angle is to continue until the end of the year, new year, or when the WWE begs John Cena to save them from embarrassment.

The fact is, in time (a short time) this angle will force a shift of some sort with The Shield and possible dissention between Stephanie McMahon and her husband, Triple H.

That is where u see the return of all the McMahons and another turf war. It’s ideal and with the WWE, timing and waiting for the right moment will only make it better. For now, the emphasis on the company must be on Orton (not Daniel Bryan) and the beast Stephanie McMahon challenged him to be two weeks ago.

Many angles have failed in the WWE – John Cena’s “heel” turn, the “Conspiracy Theory” with John Laurinaitis and yes, pairing of AJ Lee with not only Cena, but Dolph Ziggler. This one must work and have staying power. There is not another angle in the company that can carry as much weight – and no not even CM Punk and Paul Heyman can carry this much energy.

Triple H works better as a heel, Mark Henry works better as a heel, Brock Lesnar cannot be a “face” in this company and we all know Randy Orton is a great wrestler, but he is best suited to be a heel – not just any heel, but the biggest and best heel this company has seen in some time.

[adinserter block=”2″]At some point, Daniel Bryan will move on from this angle, John Cena will return, Sheamus will come back from injury and probably turn heel and there will be a need for someone to step into the spotlight. Whoever the new “face” might be, (I’d love to see The Miz) they will still have to deal with The Viper or The Legend Killer or whoever the WWE wants him to be, which is still the best villain this company could ask for.

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