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Randy Orton Shoots On Kelly Kelly & The Rock In Radio Interview

Randy Orton cut a controversial radio interviewCM Punk isn’t the only one shooting on WWE superstars this week. WWE world heavyweight champion Randy Orton had all guns blazing on a recent radio interview where he basically called Kelly Kelly a slut, called out The Rock, admitted to a drug overdose, and more.

You can look at this interview on 98 KUPD in Arizona in one of two ways. Some people will think that Randy Orton is a jerk for telling radio hosts that WWE Divas champion Kelly Kelly sleeps around. On the other hand, some will applaud Randy’s candid answers and respect the champ for showing a little personality.

Highlights of the interview are posted on You Tube which I embedded in the blog here. The most noteworthy piece of the interview was what Orton said about Kelly Kelly. The hosts kind of pushed Orton here but he bit. The host jokes that he would be a method actor if he worked with her. Orton replies, “I could name a few method actors in WWE,” Orton says. “Like, ten guys.

[adinserter block=”2″]Hey, if you think about it Kelly Kelly has been in the WWE for five years now. That breaks down to two guys a year. So all in all, Kelly Kelly isn’t that promiscuous at all if you think about it. Okay it does sound bad, but I have heard worse stories about other women in pro wrestling.

Orton also made news for coming clean about his struggle with drug addiction a few years back in the WWE. Orton admits to overdosing in 2006 and having to be rushed to a hospital because he stopped breathing. This is an old story but nothing Orton has ever talked about before. Orton did tell the hosts that he will be talking a lot more about this in his upcoming DVD.

Speaking of the DVD, it sounds like a must-see even if you aren’t a big Orton fan. Orton talked to the hosts on KUPD as well as another radio station recently about the content of the DVD. It sounds like Orton is going to be doing something of a shoot interview on the DVD and will be opening a side that has remained relatively private over the course of his WWE career.

If you follow Orton on Twitter and take a look at what he is saying about his DVD, it would appear that Orton is one of the most fan friendly pro wrestlers in the WWE. In all honesty Orton’s character is such that he is a loner and not the kind of a guy that would stop to sign autographs or tweet. Yet he is constantly tweeting with fans and told fans at WrestleMania’s Fan Fest that they could stop him anytime they see him on the street for autograph. Like him or not in the ring, he sounds like he has matured a ton outside of the squared circle.

Orton also talks about riding with Santino Marella and how Orton really likes him. Orton says he was mad when he moved to SmackDown because he couldn’t ride with Santino anymore. The hosts also talk about Dolph Ziggler and how Ziggler met a porn star at a Britney Spears concert and are now going out on a date.

The gem of the interview may be Randy’s story about heat he got for bashing The Rock in an interview. Here is what Orton said on ESPN while promoting WrestleMania 27.

I think Cena will own The Rock (this Monday on Raw). I think Cena is wittier and can go off the cuff. Cena writes his own stuff while The Rock has stuff written for him. It just all comes down to who you are in the ring and what kind of performer you are in the ring, and I think Cena is ten times the performer in the ring that The Rock is. This Monday in Chicago, he’ll prove it.

Randy Orton talks about how The Rock left pro wrestling and suddenly jumps back into the main-event at WrestleMania. Orton talks about The Rock cutting the promo that he will never be leaving and then he left. Orton said that he got in trouble from the office for saying that John Cena is better than The Rock on the mic. Orton actually starts laughing when he talks about Cena as a wrestler.

Orton said that The Rock actually called the office and complained about what he said and that The Rock never came to him. Orton also said that The Rock threw Triple H’s name into the mix and said Randy was burying Triple H because Orton said that Hunter and the Undertaker would have some ring rust.. Orton said that he explained what he meant to Hunter and they are fine. When the host asks if The Rock nailed Kelly Kelly Orton responds, “he may as well have.”

The fallout of this interview has certainly been interesting. Not only has the interview been pulled online, Orton has also tweeted an apology to Kelly Kelly.

Orton has since apologized to Kelly on Twitter with a number of tweets.

[adinserter block=”1″]Yesterday I put my foot in my mouth and I need to try my best to make it right. I owe Kelly K an apology. – @RandyOrton

The fact that she has dated a few guys I work with doesn’t make her a bad person, and is also none of my or anyone elses buisness. @RandyOrton

Yesterday I got caught up in a live radio interview and brought Kelly’s personal life into it. It was completely uncalled for. – @RandyOrton

Kelly I hope one day you can forgive me. I do however understand if that doesn’t happen. – @RandyOrton

Please everyone trash me all you want, but please drop this topic out of respect for Barb. – @RandyOrton

She retweeted his apology so it appears that all is well in the WWE Universe this morning between champions.

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  1. Kelly Kelly is super hot.
    I love the laugh about Cena's lack of wrestling skill.
    I miss Triple H and the Undertaker so much. I hope to see them soon.


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