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Inside The Wheelhouse: How badly injured is Randy Orton?

Randy OrtonOne of the most shocking things we saw on Monday Night was not only Bret Hart becoming the new General Manager of WWE Raw, it was not only Batista quitting the WWE, but it was the insertion of Randy Orton in the Fatal 4 Way main event in June and “The Viper” making an appearance on RAW where he didn’t show any sign of an injury that he suffered 24 hours before.

The question regarding this shocking move by the WWE creative team I as a fan have now is how badly injured is Randy Orton? If you watched the match at “Over the limit” you clearly saw a guy that was favoring some sort of arm injury, an injury so bad that they could not finish their highly hyped match between Orton & Edge. Many fans including this one here figured that it would be a couple months without Randy Orton in the ring and a couple months where a huge hole would be left when it comes to the faces of Monday Night Raw.

[adinserter block=”1″]For the time being Randy Orton is an active wrestler on RAW, he will be part of the Fatal 4 Way Main Event in June and will probably have little to no interaction in the ring leading up to the pay per view. The word on Orton’s injury is very quiet on many wrestling sites out in the internet world right now on how legitimate or damaging the injury was to Orton. What it does do is definitely promote interest in how Orton will be represented the coming weeks on RAW.

Some of the different theories out there are that this could just be a storyline where Orton gets laid out by Sheamus or Edge before or at the WWE Fatal 4 Way PPV. That way it writes off Orton from the storylines, builds one of the two wrestlers as monster heels for the RAW brand and has a storyline waiting for Orton if he does in fact need to take some amount of time off. My guess would be to put the house on Edge being that the program with Triple H will probably resume sometime before or after Summerslam this year.

Another theory is the WWE could have pressured Orton in battling through the injury due to the lack of star power on the RAW brand right now. Orton on television for the month of June, while rehabbing whatever injury he may have and allowing time to heal for Triple H to return would work for the RAW brand right now. It could be some sort of transition period for Orton & Triple H to switch roles with each of their injuries.

Finally the final theory I can think of regarding the injury itself is that Orton just didn’t get that badly injured as we all thought at the Over the Limit PPV. The ligament damage (if any) could be very minimal and enough to continue to work with the company before getting back in the ring at the end of June. If that theory is in fact true that is the best case scenario for the WWE. Orton is on a tear (no pun intended) right now and may be the most popular wrestler in the WWE amongst any age group currently watching the product.

[adinserter block=”2″]Whatever the case maybe “The Viper” is still an active wrestler on RAW and that may change itself in the next couple of weeks depending on the injury’s severity. Obviously the WWE is banking on anything and everything that may be possible with their most popular wrestler right now. As it stands right now I fully expect to see Orton in the ring in Long Island, New York for the Fatal 4 Way PPV come June.

Lots to talk about on this week’s edition of “The Still Real to Us Show” coming to you now on THURSDAYS over at www.wheelhouseradio.com. If you’d like to share your thoughts on this subject with Eric Gargiulo and myself please e-mail us at @ thestillrealtousshow@gmail.com on who you think should take the spot of the #2 face on the Raw brand!

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