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Randy Orton Has Earned The WWE Championship

It has only been a little over a week and I have read several complaints about Randy Orton. WWE fans are upset that Randy and not Daniel Bryan is WWE champion. This argument may have held water a few years ago but today there is nobody more deserving of that belt than the Viper.

Believe me when I tell you. I never would have imagined writing an opening paragraph like this on a blog. I wrote several blogs a few years back not only bashing Randy Orton, but asking for the WWE to rid him. However something has happened over the last few years and Orton has morphed from a boring robot into one of the most exciting wrestlers in the business.

I don’t know what happened but Orton became a changed man a few years back. Orton went from a guy that walked to the ring with a big puss on his face every time he had to work with a younger guy to a motivated leader. Orton’s body language said it all and he went from locker room to brat to locker room captain very quickly.

I’ll go back a few years ago to Orton’s series with Christian over the WWE world heavyweight title as the turning point. A year or so prior, Orton would have wrestled those matches with a bad attitude. The Randy Orton that showed up for these matches was different than any other Orton I had ever seen. He was motivated, hungry, and worked his behind off. To this day his series with Christian remains one of my top three series of the modern WWE era.

It didn’t just stop with Christian. Orton went on to have plenty of great matches against guys like Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, The Shield, and others. Orton worked harder every time and would often steal the shows. Orton morphed into the great worker that many thought he would become. Randy Orton arrived.

The matches were great but it wasn’t just about the non-stop action from bell to bell. It was about more than that. Randy Orton lost and lost often. Randy Orton lost more matches over the last several years than any other top guy that I could ever remember. Not only did he lose, but he looked great in doing so. He put the young guys over win or lose and that is the mark of a good leader and a changed man.

Say what you want about Orton but he has put his time in. It has been years since Orton has had a lengthy championship reign on top. You can’t ask anything more of Orton than what he has done for the young guys on the SmackDown brand in recent years. If all of those jobs and good will doesn’t earn you another run at the top I don’t know what does.

It’s easy to pick on Orton because he’s been around for a while. I get it but it’s much different than John Cena or Triple H getting another run at the top. Orton has lost. Orton has not just hung around the top, running through everyone. Orton has lost and waited patiently for his time. He deserves it.

Not only do I think he deserves it, I am excited to see what he brings to the table. It’s been a few years since Orton was a heel and he has pretty good back then. He is much better today…in the ring. If he can combine that new passion with his old persona, he is going to be one hell of a heel. I can’t wait to see it and here’s hoping for a lengthy title reign to WrestleMania.

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  1. I fully support the return of the baby oil rubbing, cocky as can be, raging ring boner king as heel champion. It's complicated to explain, but not only has Randall Keith Orton earned his dues (Not counting his little mistake a while back) but like you said, he's better than ever. Add the returning heel god-uhhh, as his manager-uhhh, feuding with the popular underdog babyface in D-Bry-uhhh, and (hopefully) good things lie ahead for all….UUUHHHHHH!

  2. I think Randy's dad probably had something to do with his change. Bob always worked the angle and put people over when you really thought it would just be a lay-down. Maybe Randy getting older and listening to his pop put a little perspective in his head. Either way, I'm not upset about the Viper being champ…makes for some interesting TV until Jonny boy returns.

  3. I really like the angle that the WWE is pushig right now with the new coporation, however I am not sold on Orton just yet. This angle would have worked better had Cena turned heel and joined the coporation. It would have been a shock and his history with "Cena sucks" would have given him plenty to work with on heel promos. Very much like the Rock during his heel turns. I also think that HHH's history with Orton and the fact that he can still wrestle hurt this angle a little. I love the angle and I don't know if there is a better combo of superstars to put this together but I am still a littel hesitant on being sold out to it.

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