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Randy Orton Cleared To Wrestle At WWE Captiol Punishment

Randy Orton passed his concussion testsThe status of Randy Orton at WWE Capitol Punishment 2011 has been in question for a week. The WWE world heavyweight champion suffered a concussion last weekend and saw doctors Friday to get medical clearance. Get your popcorn ready because the Viper is good to go!

The Randy Orton vs. Christian WWE world heavyweight title match this Sunday has been in doubt all week. Orton suffered a concussion last weekend wrestling in Spain. Orton tweeted that he was knocked out during the match. Ever since Sunday Orton has been questionable for the pay per view. Randy Orton kept fans updated about his medical progress via Twitter on Friday and Saturday.

[adinserter block=”2″]About to take an Impact test. It will determine if I can be cleared to fight Christian, after receiving a concussion. Wish me luck.@RandyOrton

Orton tweeted that early Friday afternoon. I followed Orton to check on the progress but it was a long time before Orton tweeted a follow up. However, very early Saturday morning Orton gave fans the good news.

Passed the IMPACT test.@RandyOrton

So Randy Orton is good to go Sunday and has passed his concussion tests. The news is a little surprising in this day and age of concussions. I expected him to miss the pay per view and come up with some kind of Sheamus vs. Christian substitute match. But Orton did what he needed to do to receive the vote of confidence from the doctor. I know some people may be critical thinking Orton shouldn’t be wrestling but I can’t imagine that Orton with a family at home would risk serious injury if the doctor didn’t want him wrestling.

The WWE tried to turn Orton’s concussion into an angle this past Monday. The anonymous G.M. wouldn’t allow Orton to wrestle Monday but told fans that he was cleared for Sunday. A risky move if the tests came back otherwise. The concussion was also credited to getting hit in the head with the belt last week on SmackDown by Christian rather than the match. Of course anyone reading Orton’s Twitter would know different.

[adinserter block=”1″] broke an interesting story regarding this whole deal from last Monday’s WWE All Star Night RAW. According to the website, Randy Orton was furious about having to take part in that angle on Monday. Orton was frustrated having to cut such a long promo just 24 hours out from being diagnosed with a concussion.

Orton was reportedly “caught way off guard,” as one WWE insider described it to us, “he had no idea his promo segment would be so extensive. He was hurting, suffering from the effects of being concussed, yet given a complicated segment to memorize.”

It’s funny because I didn’t see anyone question the idea of Orton cutting a long promo after a concussion, nor did I. Once I read the story it immediately made sense, but wasn’t something that came to mind as I watched it. It looks like the WWE could use a little more sensitivity when it comes to concussions.

So with that said Orton vs. Christian is a go and if they continue at their recent pace I expect another show-stealer from this great rivalry at Capitol Punishment.

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  1. This is great news…I can't imagine any realistic situation of scrambling to find a replacement to be an improvement. About the segments on Monday, he could have opted out and cut short taped segments. He seems to have major pull in the back, don't ya think?


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