Randy Couture vs. James Toney Is a Disgrace

Randy CoutureRandy Couture vs. James Toney will co-headline UFC 118 in Boston. Dana White should be ashamed of himself for signing such a farce but I wouldn’t expect less. Now for a self-proclaimed legend, I think Randy Couture should be embarrassed.

When I think of a sport’s legend I think of an athlete who brought honor, integrity, and someone who is an ambassador to his or her sport. A legend is not someone who would bring shame to his or her sport. A true legend of MMA would be standing up and going into a tirade about why this makes MMA look like a joke. Randy Couture on the other hand would rather take the easy win.

I can’t blame Randy Couture for taking the fight vs. James Toney. Captain America has gone 6-5 in his last 11 UFC fights. Randy Couture hasn’t beaten a quality opponent in over five years unless you count the Tim Sylvia fight. Okay counting the Tim Sylvia fight, over three years. He couldn’t hang with the elite in the UFC heavyweight division. He wouldn’t have a prayer with the speedy skilled UFC light heavyweights. Hey, if you’re Randy Couture why not fight a professional boxer who has zero MMA background? What legend wouldn’t?

[adinserter block=”2″]The idea of James Toney fighting in the UFC in 2010 is a beyond ridiculous. In 1994, he would have fit in perfectly with half of the unskilled truck drivers that came and went through the UFC. But this is 2010 and the UFC is supposed to boast the fighters in the world. UFC president Dana White has ripped rival promotions for promoting guys like Kimbo Slice and Herschel Walker claiming that it makes the sport look like a charade. Well it looks like Dana White is bringing the circus to the UFC.

Dana White said the following on Herschel Walker when Strikeforce signed him to fight. “It’s completely disrespectful to the sport.” What would you call this Prez?

The idea of promoting James Toney in the UFC is absurd. Before you compare this to Herschel Walker, keep in mind that Herschel Walker has a fifth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. James Toney has no black belts, hell he has no white belts. And unlike Herschel Walker, we aren’t talking about a world class athlete here. James Toney was a great fighter seven years ago. Over the last several years Toney has fought mismatches and has fought out of shape more times than not. This is a true honest to goodness freak show.

[adinserter block=”1″]Okay so UFC president Dana White signed James Toney. Match him up against one of the guys from The Ultimate Fighter. While it would still be a freak show, it would be slightly more acceptable. But to take a guy that has zero MMA experience and put him in the octagon against a former world champion who you promote as being a “legend” is a travesty and a sham. Dana White ripped Anderson Silva for his embarrassing fight at UFC 112. What in the world does he think would happen by putting James Toney in the octagon against Randy Couture? Will there be anything slightly entertaining to come out of this?

It is really a dark day in MMA. Shame on Dana White and Joe Silva for stealing money from the hard working UFC fans for such a mismatch. Shame on any state athletic commission with integrity for allowing this match to happen on their watch. Most of all shame on Randy Couture for his part in putting such a black mark on a sport he claims to love so much. MMA fans deserve better from their “hero.”

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