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Randy Couture defeats James Toney at UFC 118 Edgar vs. Penn 2

Randy CoutureThe Randy Couture vs. James Toney result ended exactly the way every MMA fan thought it would. Randy Couture tapped out James Toney with an arm triangle at UFC 118 in Round 1. The MMA vs. Boxing debate will likely continue, but for one night Randy Couture successfully defended the honor of the UFC.

Randy Couture took down James Toney as predicted just seconds into the fight. Couture obliterated Toney with vicious ground and pound. Toney showed nothing. Couture eventually choked out Toney with 1:42 remaining in Round 1 with an arm triangle. It wasn’t pretty, yet it went as most MMA fans predicted.

[adinserter block=”1″]Quite frankly as a huge MMA fan but a big boxing fan growing up, I don’t think this fight means a whole lot for the MMA vs. Boxing argument. I think it is very unfair debate to answer based off of a fight between an aging heavyweight fighter and an aging MMA veteran with years of ground experience. The same fight held under boxing rules would probably have a different result. Plus, a lot of MMA fighters train with the same boxing coaches that train elite boxers. The same can’t be said for professional boxing fighters.

I don’t think we will ever see James Toney back in the UFC. I’d have to think he can make a lot more money headlining a boxing pay-per-view. I also think that even with the loss, James Toney did a great job of promoting himself to a brand new audience. Whether you like James Toney or not (and most MMA fans don’t), you have to give him a lot of credit for taking a fight with someone like Randy Couture. Unfortunately it was painfully clear that whether you are James Toney or Money Mayweather, nobody without a solid ground game is going to last long in the UFC.

[adinserter block=”2″]I don’t know where this leaves Randy Couture. James Toney wasn’t a top contender so it isn’t as if beating James Toney should put Randy in line for a title shot. Randy’s last two fights against James Toney and Mark Coleman aren’t exactly what I’d call impressive opponents. I would like to see a Randy Couture vs. Tito Ortiz rematch. Randy Couture vs. Rich Franklin is another possibility. Randy Couture vs. Jon “Bones” Jones should be his next fight, but I’d be surprised to see him take it.

Calling Mike Tyson!

Frankie Edgar dominated BJ Penn once again winning a unanimous decision over the former UFC lightweight champion in the main event. Edgar confused Penn with his speed and quickness and took BJ Penn down easier than he did in their previous encounter. Edgar won the fight on a five-round decision 50-45 on all of the scorecards.

Gray Maynard is up next for Frankie Edgar. Maynard has a style that could give Edgar a lot of trouble. It should be an interesting fight. Maynard as a superior wrestler will have a great chance of dominating Edgar on the ground and grinding out a decision. I am not convinced that Frankie Edgar is unbeatable. A win over Gray Maynard would convince me.

For BJ Penn it may be the end of an era. Penn’s era of dominance is obviously over and whether this is the case of a great opponent or declining skills will be answered in Penn’s next few fights. I would guess that BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian will be up next for the former champion. Penn dominated Florian last year and I’d expect the same in another fight. Penn has been weighing the idea of going up to welterweight. Penn said after the fight that he hasn’t decided which way he was going to go. A Penn vs. Matt Hughes rematch would be very intriguing.

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  1. UFC 118 wasn't nearly as good as UFC 117 but it was still good enough. We had major fights such as Kenny Florian VS Gray Maynard which was all good. I thought the BJ penn fight was a bit boring, doesn't feel like its the same BJ penn as we have seen before. Randy Couture did a really good job with his singleleg wresling skills.


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