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Rampage Jackson Talks TNA Wrestling and Meeting Hulk Hogan

It’s been a few weeks since Rampage Jackson announced his Viacom dual contract with TNA Wrestling and Bellator MMA. The big question would be Jackson’s commitment to pro wrestling and but Rampage says he is ready to do whatever it takes!

[adinserter block=”1″]Rampage made news after signing this contract in which he would not only fight in Bellator but learn professional wrestling and compete in TNA Wrestling. Immediately questions were asked by the MMA media regarding Jackson’s head and whether he would put the hard work in to learn wrestling. Jackson told that TNA has nothing to worry about.

Well I’ve always wanted to be a pro wrestler since I was a kid, but now that I’m older and have had a lot of injuries, people don’t understand the toll that wrestling takes on your body. I just don’t think I can do that now while I’m fighting, but when I retire from fighting and go full time into pro wrestling, then I think I can go and get more extensive with my style and my moves. Right now, I just want to stick to what I know. I haven’t trained for wrestling but I know MMA and MMA is exciting. That’s why it has such a big following that it does now and I want to bring my style into my performance. Guys like Samoa Joe have an MMA style in their pro wrestling and stuff like that. I want to be different than him. I still like to slam and throw people and that’s why I did that so many years in my MMA career because I was a pro wrestler at heart. I wanted to bring some pro wrestling into my MMA back in Pride and now I want to bring some MMA into my pro wrestling.

That is an odd answer to say the least. On the one hand Jackson is telling the reporter that he will do whatever it takes to become an asset in TNA. On the other hand the way it sounds is like he won’t even begin to wrestle until he retires from MMA, which could be several years. That was a hard answer to read. I have been told that he will be wrestling at some point but this does blur the area a bit.

The one thing I would takeaway here is that Jackson is looking at this as a career move and not necessarily a quick payday. Of course he can say and do completely different things but it appears that Jackson is looking to make a full transition to the pros. If that’s the case I’d have to imagine that TNA will get no problems out of him regarding commitment.

The highlight thus far of this new dual contract for Rampage has been meeting Hulk Hogan. Jackson gives a great answer here when he talks about meeting The Hulkster. Jackson says he can now relate to when fans meet him and I thought that was cool to read. Jackson was asked if he could relate to fans who get awestruck meeting him now that he’s met Hogan.

Oh yeah. It taught me. When I met Hulk Hogan I was startstruck but what I did was I kept my damn mouth shut. I babbled a little bit but I kept my mouth shut. I shook his hands and I kept it to myself. Some fans want to pat you on the back, hug you, do weird things. For a guy like me, it’s hard to explain. You’d have to wear my shoes a bit to understand. I’ve got nothing against anybody but sometimes, you may not know this but I’m a germ freak. I don’t want to eat and have all these people shaking my hand, talking over my food. I don’t even want a waiter hovering over my food. If you sit down at a restaurant and order something, you don’t want to get interrupted. I might not always want to be approached or have fans get mad at me for not taking a picture because I’m in a rush because I’m always late for everything. I’m a human being in a human situation just like them and I thought of that when I met Hulk Hogan and I kept it to myself. I shook his hands, said “it’s an honor to meet you” and I wish a lot of fans could do the same thing. I do sympathize with them, though.

[adinserter block=”2″]He’s saying all of the right things but it is hard to imagine the same guy being happy fighting in Bellator and wrestling in TNA who was miserable making millions fighting in the UFC. So far I’ll give him this, he’s off to a great start.

Check out the entire interview over at It’s an interesting read, especially Jackson’s mentality on fighting in Bellator at this point in his career.

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