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R-Truth Vs. John Cena To Headline WWE Capitol Punishment

John Cena vs. R-Truth headlines Capitol PunishmentBe careful what you wish for R-Truth fans, because now you got it! R-Truth vs. John Cena will top the WWE Capitol Punishment card. In other words, the R-Truth push comes to an end on June 19.

Although the current plan appears to be John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio at SummerSlam, RAW needed a transitional opponent for Cena until the big event in August. Rumors were heavy a week ago that CM Punk would get the slot and headline Capitol Punishment 2011 against Cena. Well, card subject to change as the new plan will feature the hottest heel in pro wrestling doing what most hot WWE heels do best and that is put over John Cena.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Capitol Punishment main-event came together on this past Monday’s WWE RAW. R-Truth opened up the show going crazy at a merchandising stand. Truth was upset over the John Cena WWE merchandise and started tearing up the stand. At one point the RAW audio went out during Truth’s tirade. Truth eventually made his way to the ring to cut his weekly promo, cutting a promo in the process.

John Cena eventually came to the rescue! Cena confronted Truth in the ring about his conspiracy theories, etc. Cena threatened to “knock some sense back into him,” which Truth obliged. The anonymous RAW G.M. finally chimed in making the match official but ordered no “little jimmies” at ringside.

On the way to the ring, Truth harassed an African American family who were all dressed in John Cena t-shirts. Hey, I don’t blame him for that one! Truth scolded the father and his little boy for wearing the Cena red shirts. Truth eventually bolted from the family once Cena’s music played. This would come back into play later in the night.

Cena and Truth finally wrestled, if you want to call it that. It was a ton of stalling by Truth, the kind that would make Larry Zbysko proud. Somehow this monster heel who had been destroying everyone couldn’t answer any of Cena’s offense. Even more shocking is that he just wrestled him a month ago and had a competitive match with him! Anyway, the match ended with Cena chasing Truth outside of the ring, Truth getting his only bit of offense in on Cena, rolling in the ring, and winning on a count out.

Truth returned to continue berating the family he confronted before the match. This time Truth got physical and threw a soda at the father. The father stood him, Cena ran over to help (can’t he fly?), and the nasty heel who had been destroying everyone in his path the last four weeks ran away like a scared coward. Welcome to WWE booking in 2011. has a report up that says after RAW went off of the air the G.M. dinged in and made Cena vs. Truth for Capitol Punishment. However, Truth must apologize to Cena next week in order to make it a WWE championship match.

I couldn’t think of a worse way to book the hottest heel in the WWE against the top babyface in the company if I tried. He couldn’t answer any of Cena’s offense in the ring on RAW, so what makes you think he can beat him on pay per view? It is even more ridiculous when the two just wrestled a highly competitive match six weeks ago in front of the same television audience.

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Like most, I am on board with the R-Truth push. It is new and Truth has just been awesome in his role. Additionally, the WWE have let him go over guys clean like John Morrison and Rey Mysterio building to this moment. Unfortunately for Truth, he had the bad timing of getting hot right before the Alberto Del Rio vs. Cena program and will become a sacrificial lamb to get Cena through the summer to Del Rio. Fast forward four months and I think if this whole Truth push started in August, there would be a really good shot that he would beat Cena for the WWE title for a short time.

[adinserter block=”1″]To be fair, this is just the first angle in the Cena-Truth program and it really isn’t fair to judge a program on its first angle. Maybe Truth lays Cena out over the next few weeks or develops a case for beating Cena at the pay per view? Maybe at Capitol Punishment Truth purposely gets disqualified and injures Cena? Maybe Truth winds up in a Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam and does take the title? There are certainly some interesting possibilities here to really shake things up this summer in the WWE.

Unfortunately history shows that the chances of any of this happening are slim and none and as Terry Funk nused to say, slim just left town.

Other possible matches for Capitol Punishment look like Randy Orton vs. Sheamus or Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Christian for the WWE world heavyweight title. Alex Riley vs. The Miz with Michael Cole looks like another given for the pay per view. I would also expect Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger to continue their feud at the big event.

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  1. Put over John Cena? Are you delusional? I believe just being in a match with the top dog of the WWE (which Cena is right now) is putting R Truth over?? REALLY? REALLY?

  2. Yeah that was an unfortunate gaffe. Vince probably burst a brain vein while all that was going down.

    I'm looking forward to this Alex Riley storyline. He legitimately looks like he hates the Miz. Those guys do a good job of making it look realistic, both in emotion and physicality. Last night, when Riley rolled out of the ring after Miz and dove tackled him from behind, I actually let out a "damn!", and it's been a long time since anything on WWE programming has made me do that.


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