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Pushing Sheamus & Wade Barrett Part 2 – Inside The Wheelhouse

Wade Barrett & SheamusThey are two young stars who have had paralleling climbs to rise in the WWE. They have been in Main Event pictures, battled World Champions, headlined pay-per-views and been in the top storylines in the company. But all that has been good through their parallels they have also seen when it comes to the rough times of their careers.

Both of these men have feuded with John Cena and Randy Orton, a huge feat for a young superstar in today’s WWE standards. One of them has held onto the WWE Championship on multiple occasions while the other led one of the hottest angles in the wrestling world with the Nexus. But for some reason when the dust settled and their rises to the top reached a certain point the WWE pulled the rug out completely from beneath them.

At one time in 2010 it appeared that both Sheamus and Wade Barrett would have huge matches in that upcoming year’s Wrestlemania 27. Sheamus was holding onto the WWE Championship and feuding with Cena & Orton while Barrett was leading the Nexus & also feuding with John Cena. No fan would have ever guessed at one point in 2010 that Sheamus wouldn’t even be on the Wrestlemania card (instead had a dark match that was only seen on DVD) while Wade Barrett was in 3 minute squash match & leading a group known as “The Corre.”

[ad 6]The future of the WWE at this time did not look so bright for Sheamus and Wade Barrett during this time. The excitement fans felt seeing two up and coming heels shine in the spotlight of the WWE was well received as it was a “breath of fresh air” for the atmosphere usually plagued by the Cena’s & Orton’s of WWE world. It looked like whether they were going to be faces one day or remain as heels they would be stars in the WWE.

Their rises were no more as Sheamus was confined to mediocre feuds and horrible King gimmick on both RAW and his early time on Smackdown. Wade Barrett was involved with a group that was a shell of what the Nexus was in the WWE at one time and ended up feuding with Ezekiel Jackson in a forgettable feud. The Sheamus and Wade Barrett rises were just a historical footnote during the early part of 2011.

Rumors circulated that those in “higher up” positions just didn’t see either Sheamus or Wade Barrett stars despite pushing them for a good portion of an entire calendar year. A year in which breathed new life into the product simply because the WWE was creating two new stars with huge aspirations for building the future of the WWE product. De-pushing them and sending them down to obscurity left many fans baffled & wonder what exactly the WWE was thinking, a common occurrence in wrestling fan standards.

We then fast forward to present WWE times where now all of a sudden Sheamus and Wade Barrett are back on top of the WWE mountain once again. Sheamus, now a face, is one of the top stars on the Smackdown brand and has been rumored to be involved in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania 28. Wade Barrett who is still a heel, has recently captured a good amount of victories on television and on pay-per-view from Randy Orton, a wrestler who was notoriously bashed for not putting over new talent. It’s taken sometime and a good amount of head scratching from WWE fans but it appears that once again Sheamus & Wade Barrett are back on a climb to the top of the WWE as they should be.

The future of the WWE will be determined in what is accomplished the next couple of months in regards to the pushes of Wade Barrett and Sheamus. If the WWE wants to develop new stars and add 5-10 more years of their longevity they need to do so now or their product will continue to suffer. The importance for this current push is crucial to development of the WWE for years to come, should they fail with these two wrestlers again the fans will never take them seriously ever again.

[adinserter block=”1″]The future is now…and waiting.

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