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Punk Screwed Punk – Downtown With Darsie

CM Punk wins the WWE world championshipThis Sunday, Sunday, July 17th, marks C.M. Punk’s last night with the WWE. The question arises for me is: How long will C.M. Punk is gone for? Who knows, and no one knows other than the Man Upstairs, but I’m not writing this blog for that reason.

The reason for the blog today is based off my two minute phone call into Thursday, July 14th Figure Four Daily podcast with Bryan Alvarez on Alvarez was taking phone calls on the topic of their predictions of what the subscribers thought was gonna happen at WWE Money in the Bank this Sunday. As of me writing this, I haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast, but when I was on the phone with Alvarez, it sounded like three or so callers before me had the same prediction, and that’s CM Punk being screwed out of the WWE Championship.

[adinserter block=”2″]Here’s my prediction: Punk has Cena up on his shoulders, set up for the GTS, and McMahon brings the mic up to his face and yells “SSSSTTTTTTOOOOOPPPPP! PUNK, YOU SUMOFA*****, YOOOOOUUUUU’RRRREEEEEEE FFFFFFIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRREEEEEEEDDDDDDDDD!” Yes, right before Punk gets a chance to lay out Cena and pin his shoulders for a ref’s count of three, I have a feeling that McMahon will screw Punk out of winning the title. Just think about the heat that Punk would have when he comes back in a number of months from his time off for a moment.

What if CM Punk stays out of the WWE until the Royal Rumble? But before go into that, let me give a back story into the Royal Rumble (I give credit to Bryan Alvarez for this idea, I love it!), what if the WWE title is vacant and the winner of the Rumble, like Rumble 1992, wins the WWE Championship. Here’s the thing: John Cena is number one entrant and is the only guy left when the last entrant comes out to the ring, and it’s CM PUNK! With Punk being a fresh man, he easily eliminates Cena, and tells him that he’s not letting him get the belt back to face the Rock at Mania. I like the idea, but back from the sidebar.

But back to the “Chi-Town Screw Job” angle I proposed, would it happen? I’ll be surprised because it’s starting to be expected, and it seems like Mr. McMahon doesn’t like do have his storylines to be guessed. It’s either this storyline, or Cena pulling his normal character move and be “Super-Cena” and beat CM Punk with Punk not having much of a fight. Now, which one would you rather see, the “Chi-Town Screwing” or “Super-Cena”? I’m sure you, dear reader, would rather see the screwing, just as I.

[adinserter block=”1″]I believe that if something along the lines of a Montreal Screw Job from WWF Survivor Series 1997 with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart happens at WWE Money in the Bank, I feel like when CM Punk comes back, people would want him to dominate the business and capture the WWE Championship.

Philosophical Corner: It’s hard to say what’s best for the business, but I feel like it would bring in more fans into the business if there’s some kind of screwing, or even if Punk and McMahon teams up against Cena (but I can’t see the later happening). I feel like some kind of screwing would be better for business than Cena being “vintage” (thank you Michael Cole) and being “Super-Cena.” Especially if they want to build up the company, Cena, and the WWE title, I would suggest them screwing Punk out of winning the title, only moments before defeating Cena clean. I am Eric Darsie, until next time, stay cool!

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