Proving How Bad Things Are in the WWE


Want more proof that the WWE is as dysfunctional a company as Roseanne and the Connors? According to a new report, “Daniel Bryan’s WWE future might not be what many fans were hoping for”. Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that Daniel Bryan’s run as a top star and headliner might be coming to an end as he’s taking some of the blame for the low buyrates during his short run in that position.

[adinserter block=”1″]While the WWE said that about CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler in the past, it is hard to believe Bryan, who has become the true face of the company since July, is that hard a sell in a main event match. Maybe the WWE should ask Randy Orton to stop looking so robotic or ask Triple H to get in the ring and wrestle, rather than run is mouth each week with no real reason for him being on the air as much as the wrestlers in the back, who are becoming more and more aggravated at the “Authority” angle the company has been working with.

Bryan is a star who like a Tito Santana or Ricky Steamboat of the past, delivers a top match each night he is in an arena and on air. Maybe it also have something to do with the fact there is no true brand competition or another “major” promotion to nip at the heels of Vince McMahon’s empire. Fans get angry and bored with seeing the same thing week and after week.

While Cody and Dustin Rhodes versus the Real Americans and a splash of John Cena added for good measure shows three title holders on the small screen at once, it does not increase viewership or the desire to buy a pay-per-view that we all know is essentially decided before it starts

At least when WCW was around and the 88 weeks of “kicking Vince McMahon’s ass” was entertaining while it lasted and gave fans a choice, when the promotions mattered, the matches mattered, the “attitude” from all sides mattered and what was to become of larger than life characters like Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Triple H and The Rock mattered.

The hogwash we see each week now is a watered down version of access cable with a sprinkling of “I got two words for you – overrated” written all over it.

That my friends, is not good for business.

The snippet goes on to claim that The Big Show’s recent push is reportedly a result of WWE wanting bigger guys back in the spotlight. It’s the reason he has moved into the main event program with Randy Orton and the McMahons and why guys like Luke Harper and Great Khali have been given more TV time as of late.

Khali puts no fear in anyone, especially me. I see the Wyatt Family getting the push and Roman Reigns supposedly being prepped for a huge push, but that is where it ends. I can counter that with the fact the company wants to make quick matches of any spot with Ryback in it because of danger concerns to other wrestlers and if that were the case of the “bigger is better” angle, then why the hell aren’t the WWE Tag Team titles on the waists of Tons of Funk?

[adinserter block=”2″]The belief by the WWE is take Bryan and make him the “master of the mid card” where he can have amazing matches with the likes of a Ziggler or Dean Ambrose or R-Truth and like. But if you ask me – again – all that is doing is destroying a great career and irritating the fan base of the company just a little more.

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  1. I stopped watching WWE years ago. However, from time to time, I will watch Raw or Snackdown to see what is going on. Seems like the same stuff over and over…How many times can Cena or Orton win the title? But, that is besides the point.

    I am not huge on many of the newer guys, they just don’t have the complete package. Either, they are good wrestlers, but have a crap gimmick and no mic skills, or the other way around. However, Daniel Bryan is definitely someone who can do it all. Why they wouldn’t keep him as a man eventer is beyond me

    Looking up and down the roster, one thing I don’t understand is why Christian isnt being pushed as a top draw. I know, he has had some injury issues as of late. However, even when not injured, he is getting pushed between mid card and main event. If Anyone deserves a lengthy title reign, it is him. His first title reign lasted five days, and his second a month. He is still one of the beat in the ring performers, no one is better on the mic, and he has basically had the same gimmick for a decade plus. With all of the injuries he has had, I don’t know how long he will be around. He deserves to a long championship run before it is over. A feud between Christian and Bryan would be awesome, certainly enough to get me to tune in again.

  2. Daniel Bryan isn't being blamed (fully at least) for the low buyrates at SummerSlam — which is what the report is referencing considering there aren't any buyrates for any other shows — but even if he were, I'm not sure what "The Authority" would have to do with it considering they didn't even exist the night after that show.

    Also, if Triple H were wrestling, you'd probably whine about him for something like "taking a spot from a younger guy", instead of "mouthing off" like you are here. I'm pretty sure — and this is just me speaking as someone who understand how businesses work — that wouldn't be allowing guys like Chris Jericho and Edge to respond to Triple H if the whole thing wasn't a total work. Furthermore, they are looking for bigger guys because they have more than enough guys between the sizes of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

    It's probably a real bummer that your favorite wrestler in the whole wide world isn't as popular as you think he should be, but that doesn't mean that the company is going down the drain. Or that it's access cable (whatever the hell that is, I think you mean "cable access"). It means they are trying to run a business, which they definitely know how to do better than you.

    And FINALLY, Roseanne and the Connors are a dysfunctional FAMILY, not a company. The out-of-date reference you are probably be groping for is Dunder Mifflin.


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