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Sponsored Post: Protein shakes used by WWE wrestlers

Performing hundreds of shows a year all over the country is taxing on the bodies of wrestlers. The absolute beating they take, whether dishing out the pain or being on the receiving end of it, is most definitely not kayfabe. Flying off the ladder or the top rope, slamming onto the canvas or through various other objects and absorbing body blows and finishers takes a lot out of even the fittest wrestlers. With little time in between matches, it’s necessary for these freak athletes to recover quickly and get their bodies ready for more punishment. That’s why finding the perfect supplements is vital to performance.

Wrestlers rely on supplements before, during, and after workouts. Perhaps the most important of the tools in a wrestler’s fitness arsenal is the protein shake. When he’s not adjusting attitudes in the ring, John Cena can often be found in the gym trying to pack on muscle. To achieve these aims, Cena employs whey and casein protein shakes at various times of the day.

Former WWE star Batista also relies on protein products to enhance his workouts. He uses supplements that he can take at any time of day, eliminating the need to schedule intake in the morning and at night. Triple H says a protein shake is his first option when he’s on the road and can’t sit down for a fully prepared meal.

Whey protein has been proven to enhance the effects of a healthy diet combined with exercise. Whey protein shakes will enhance both the weight loss impact of eating well and the size and strength development gained at the gym. Whey protein also helps curb hunger. Top wrestlers take whey protein around their workouts to help boost their results. Diva Nikki Bella says she likes to try to down a protein shake after a hard night in the ring.

Meanwhile, casein protein shakes can help achieve results from home. Casein proteins lead to a slow, steady batch of amino acids in your bloodstream. These shakes are often ingested before going to bed so they can work their magic overnight during sleep.

While they won’t help you perfect Randy Orton’s RKO or Brock Lesnar’s F5, protein shakes at Supps R Us can help you work toward replicating your favorite WWE superstars in the gym. Adding protein supplements to proper nutrition and a consistent workout plan can stack muscle onto your frame and prepare you just in case you need to hop into the ring yourself.

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