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Pro’s and Con’s to Come out of WWE Survivor Series

It’s fair to say that the WWE Survivor Series has divided the wrestling community. Responses range from saying it was the best WWE pay-per-view in many years all the way to people hating every minute of it, but no matter where on the board you stand, there were certainly a lot of positives and negatives to come out of it that need to be addressed.

Pro: Shock Factor

Obviously, Goldberg beating Brock in two minutes wasn’t on the bingo card. The sheer shock factor of that creates a moment that will last forever. On top of that, RAW winning the first two elimination matches – thus making the third redundant – was also shocking… but in a much less-good way.

Con: Suspension of Disbelief out the Window

A 50-year-old man who hasn’t wrestled in 12 years just beat a person who won a fight in an octagon a few months ago. To quote Roman Reigns, believe that?

Pro: Goldberg Now a Threat

Goldberg will return for future matches. There’s no possible way he can’t now. This victory at least makes him look like a much bigger star than he would have with a loss. When he eventually puts someone (hopefully not Brock) over, that wrestler will get a big boost.

Con: Four Hour Wrestling Shows

Yes, this fell short of the four hour mark, but this still felt like too much. WrestleMania and SummerSlam suffered from the same problem to a bigger extent, but Survivor Series just rammed home the point that wrestling shows should not be longer than three hours. Unfortunately, there’s nothing they can really do about it considering how deep the talent roster is.

Con: Elimination Nonsense

Carmella is being booked as potentially the top heel on SmackDown Live and she just got eliminated by Alicia Fox. Neither Sasha Banks nor Nia Jax got a pinfall elimination and Alicia Fox did. Mindboggling levels of stupidity there. The New Day being so inconsequential in their match better lead somewhere too because that also made no sense.

Pro: Men’s Match Delivered

It went for almost a full hour, but they successfully delivered a great match. You could tell a lot more thought was put into it than the other two – which about sums WWE up. They nailed every elimination and kept the crowd entertained for a 53 minute match which says a lot. The result, however…

Con: Booking Decisions

Having RAW win the first two elimination matches and then lose the main-event makes no sense. It was a best of three scenario and RAW took all of the steam out of the men’s match by going up 2-0. Instead of then giving them a clean-sweep, they gave SmackDown a meaningless win. Now, neither brand leaves Survivor Series looking better than they did coming into it.

Con: The Undertaker’s Threats Now Meaningless?

The Undertaker threatened that if SmackDown lost to RAW, then they’d suffer the consequences… well they did lose to RAW, but the team he threatened won. So what happens now? Will the Deadman go after the women and tag teams? Of course not.

Pro: The Miz

Daniel Bryan having to rely on The Miz while everyone else around him fails is just plain fantastic booking. If SmackDown had lost the main-event it would’ve been perfect.

Unknown: Sami Zayn

Sami has to move to SmackDown. He’s being completely wasted on RAW and that ending may have planted the seeds for a move, but many people thought Survivor Series would give us a definitive brand change for him. We’ll have to wait and see on this one.

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