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Professional Wrestling: Being Thankful for the Business and Holiday

If the WWE stays in character, right about now Vince McMahon is stewing over the idea of staring across the dinner table at both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon after the debacle of Survivor Series.

Oh, to be a fly on the McMahon wall as the turkey and dressing is passed around the family.

[adinserter block=”1″]As a fan, the holidays have always been a special time for me and my family, centering on sports and professional wrestling. I have told this story before but it bears worth sharing again.

When we were living in Atlanta in the early 1980s and Vince McMahon was just starting to change the culture of a steady “sport” into a business of “sports entertainment” my brother Rob and I had this deal with my parents. If we did our chores, had out homework done for the weekend and were clean from head to toe, we could go to our room (with our new television we got for our birthday) and watch wrestling. There was a channel in Atlanta that catered to professional wrestling on Saturday nights. From 8 pm until midnight, we watched Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, WCCW, AWA and UWF. It was my wrestling heaven and for my parents, it was like having a night out with the house to themselves.

I wish professional wrestling was like that now – a slow moving train of top stars and some that were just making their way in the wrestling world – Magnum TA, The Blade Runners (Sting, Warrior), Steve Williams and Ted DiBiase and some guy named Arn Anderson. Today, the retread on the careers of most wrestlers makes them 90 years old in cat years. Back then, promotions, territories and the belief in Kayfabe were the lay of the land and the “Dusty Finish” was one of the most recognizable elements in the business.

So, in the spirit of the holiday and the “sport” of professional wrestling, here are a few things I am thankful for…


After last week’s show in the Survivor Series match, has the WWE finally come to its senses and decided to make him the “go to” guy of the company, giving John Cena a break for a bit? There was a bit of Shawn Michaels in him last Sunday night. It was a great performance.


While they are no longer members of the Wyatt Family, they have bright futures as opponents. I like what the company has done to change things up a bit. I am also excited to see if Rowan and Big Show feud for a bit.


No longer is a main event star, Jericho good for the WWE in that he helps put blossoming talent over and will work well as a commentator when he gets a chance. Remember, RAW is JERICHO.


The comments he made about the past and how he has withstood the test of time while other veterans have returned into the sunset of the wrestling business. Triple H and Daniel Bryan together were a major highlight of WrestleMania XXX. If need be, the COO of the company could still sell it in the ring.


These two wrestlers are the future of the company. Add Roman Reigns and these three former members of The Shield will be mainstays of the WWE. When all three are back in action after Reigns returns from injury, everyone look out.

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It may be hokey to pay $9.99 to watch professional wrestling, but when you look at the catalog, it makes perfect sense. When I can watch wrestling matches of the past and from my childhood, it makes me happy.

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