Professional boxer steps into ring with internet troll — results are not pretty


Pro Boxer Versus Troll

Watch this professional boxer knockout a guy trolling him online for years.

[adinserter block=”1″]For years, internet troll Charlie Zelenoff had been insulting and stalking heavyweight fighter Deontay Wilder.

Zelenoff made fun of Wilder’s boxing career — he’s won 31 straight fights by knockout — but that’s nothing compared to the personal jabs he’s taken at the boxer. Zelenoff insulted Wilder, threw racial slurs at him and his wife and openly made fun of Wilder’s handicapped daughter. He did it all from a safe distance — on social media.

Zelenoff was dumb enough to claim to be a better boxer than Wilder (he’s got zero fighting experience) so the pro boxer challenged the internet tough guy to step into the ring to settle the dispute with body shots instead of barbs. For some reason, the moron accepted. 

The two foes met at the Hollywood Boxing Gym in Los Angeles.

We hope you enjoy the following three minutes of ass-kicking as much as Wilder did.

[via The Daily What]


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