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Pro Wrestling Wil Never Be the Same Again

[adinserter block=”1″]There are some harsh realities we all deal with as we get older. Graying hair, weight gain, hearing loss and the fact wrestling will never be captured the way it was 30 years ago is something that runs through my mind quite often.

While wrestling might seem off the beaten path when dealing with the reality of life, it is still something that bothers me. It also bothers me that these thoughts enter my mind well after midnight and I am up in the early hours of the morning jotting this stuff down. Isn’t this how Penthouse Letters got started?

Anyway, back on topic. The state of professional wrestling and its “break” from the ideas of Kayfabe and carnival-like programs are what most of us forty-something working class stiffs grew up on. While the WWE tries to recreate the past and TNA works hard to concentrate on the marquee that says “wrestling,” the fact is the late Gorilla Monsoon, Gordon Solie and even Eddie Gilbert must by turning over in their graves right now with the condition of the business.

Again, Mark Madden is so right when he claims professional wrestling is as unpopular as it has been in ages and watching the continual match after match over and over is killing the need for three programs a week – force feeding us the same dialogues, the rehash of matches four days earlier and the constant use of retread matches to fill a pay-per-view event.

Maybe TNA Wrestling has the right idea. They had to cut pay-per-view matches due to monetary constraints, but the product has been better, the build up more dynamic.

I miss the National Heavyweight Title and the World Television Title. I miss the idea of Arn Anderson wearing it every week and then going out and beating someone on the show in 20 minutes with a slingshot suplex or a spinebuster.

There are six wrestlers off the top of my head who could be a cruiserweight champion and the title is nowhere to be found. How about a Hardcore Champion again and maybe a Divas Tag Team Title?

And if you really want to show someone you mean business about their career, how about using more gimmick matches that make sense? a “Loser Leave Town Match” or more Royal Rumble-like matches would appeal to the masses. Forget about knowing Khali comes from Punjabi, how about the wrestler from “Parts Unknown” and more masked wrestlers who sounded like the Masked Assassin?

And do us all a favor – if you bring back a wrestler (Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho), bring him back full time. No more “bit” players.

Down play the injuries. Don’t allow them to reveal return dates through social media. You guys all but killed a John Cena return that could have been gold. Letting fans know about injuries and all is good. Return dates only kill the momentum a “slow play” could have with ratings. And it would also eliminate the need to have Vince McMahon come out and save everyone’s bacon.

The world will never be rid of professional wrestling, but right now, it could sure use a boost.

Oh, and while we are on the topic, keep Goldust around a bit and reach out to Booker T and the New Age Outlaws to see if they might be interested in one more run. Leave Shawn Michaels out of pay-per-view matches and tease us more with an Undertaker and Kane feud to close out their careers.

There is so much more to say here, but you guys must think I am beating a dead horse. I am sure we will have plenty to talk about in the future. Or the next time I want to get up in the middle of the night and begin writing.

Until next time.

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  1. I agree whole heartedly with your column..wrestling today is nothing compared to yesteryear. 4 pay-per-views a year (yes each and every one of them felt like a BIG deal). Prime Time Wrestling was gold with Monsoon and Heenan. I remember losing my mind when I looked in the tv guide and saw there was going to be a SNME..I can't watch today's crap, it's all a rush and too many big matches on "free" tv, it's all garbage.


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