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Pro Wrestling SHOULD Matter – Downtown with Darsie

Rick Rude is why wrestling mattersWe all know the whole thing that WWE and Impact Wrestling’s doing, or should I say we know what WWE’s doing and Impact Wrestling is reacting to it. Vince McMahon officially took out “wrestling” out of the WWE. I guess it’s the final step into “sports-entertainment.”

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling “changed” their name to Impact Wrestling. To go along with their “slap” to WWE’s face, Impact Wrestling’s latest tag line is “Wrestling Matters.” Really? Does wrestling matter in Impact Wrestling? If so, why did Jeff Hardy come to the ring under the influence of something? Why was Sting their World Heavyweight Champion? Why is Ken Anderson their current World Heavyweight Champion? Sting’s past his prime, Anderson is over-pushed, and Hardy should be in jail months ago.

[adinserter block=”2″]I wanted to write this piece to vent my distaste towards not just Impact Wrestling, because that’s unfair, but to WWE as well. The business of professional wrestling isn’t what it once was. It’s not a bad thing that it’s directed towards kids, because that’s how my generation and older got into the business, it was targeted towards us. Hulk Hogan, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Rowdy Roddy Piper, among others, drew us in with their bright attires, larger-than-life personalities, and their wrestling abilities. Later came “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the Rock, Triple H, and others, who drew in the “Attitude” Era (or to Joey Styles on Twitter, the “Extreme” Era) that caused the biggest push in the business history.

Okay, okay, with the last paragraph, could guys like John Cena and Randy Orton draw in fans for future stars could bring in another “Attitude” Era? I’ll be surprised and don’t expect another “Attitude” Era to happen again. I never been a Cena or Orton fan and I’m not saying this to bash them, I cannot see it in their personalities that is able to draw as much attention to the business that generations of wrestlers before did like Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, One Man Gang, Andre the Giant, and so forth.

Thesis of this blog: Why wrestling should matter. Argument for the thesis: Wrestling is what drew people in in the ‘80’s and the ‘90’s. The colorful characters helped out to catch people’s attentions, their personalities gave the sugar to keep them on the channel, and the wrestling is what stole their hearts. That’s what happened to me. Hogan’s larger than life personality and his neon yellow and neon red attire is what caught my eye, and guys like Ric Flair, Rick Rude, and Shawn Michaels captured my heart with their wrestling ability.

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If I can, I get VHS tapes of ‘80’s and ‘90’s wrestling because they had many different body types for the professional wrestlers! Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy, One Man Gang, Big Boss Man, guys like those represent a good portion of America these days. I don’t know anything about the body types of other countries, but here in America, a lot of us are overweight. If WWE and Impact Wrestling want to reach out to their fans, they should bring in wrestlers that are similar to their fans.

I want wrestling and wrestlers like what captured my heart years ago.

[adinserter block=”2″]Philosophical corner: Wrestling isn’t what it used to be. Everything changed over time. For the better, but for the business, not so much. I believe that what could help getting wrestling out of the slump that’s it’s in is turn to what worked in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, and that’s catchy attires, catchy personalities, and wrestlers who can actually wrestling, not the same body type of wrestlers and the same type of moves for everyone. That causes people to be bored, and people to fall away from the business. I am Eric Darsie, until next time, keep cool.

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  1. Panther Joe: To be honest, I haven't watched any current programming since Batista quit the night after last year's WWE Over the Limit. Finding a hobby? Blogging about topics I hear while listening to my wrestling podcast on my iPod. If I need to do a complete hobby change, I'll have to request my money back from Meltzer and Alvarez. But thanks for the suggestion.

    AlanTrehern: I don't know about your statement about TNA having more wrestling because I don't watch it, but it sounds like from podcasts I listen to TNA has the same amount if not less wrestling on it than WWE. What's up with that? I don't find TNA entertaining because it's poorly booked and the logic is more flawed than a drunk person who dropped out of middle school. Just sayin'.

  2. I don't get that because America is fat, the wrestlers should be fat. Two fat guys in the ring isn't necessarily going to create good wrestling. Just two sweaty dudes flopping and panting on each other for 12 minutes until someone breaks the ring or kills the ref.

    And as a TNA fan, I tend to see more wrestling in that product than in WWE. But I could be wrong. The Rock hamming it with May Young while Lawler faux-texts on his cell phone (SPOILER: he can't read.) isn't wrestling…or entertaining.

  3. If you don't like the product, take a break from it. As I read various blogs it seems that the harshest critics are the guys who have never stopped watching since the 80's. I stopped watching all wrestling somewhere around 2004 and only picked it back up last Spring, save a view sparsely sprinkled viewings. But reading this it just seems like your not exactly sure what you are frustrated with, but it's certainly derived from currently televised pro wrestling.

    So either except the changing tide (that's still banking, by the way), stick to old PPV's on DVD, go to Indy shows instead, or just find another hobby altogether. But don't crap on a product because the immortal superheroes are dead and gone. We're adults, and wrestling hasn't gotten worse. It just seemed better because we were stupid kids back then.


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