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Pro Wrestling Radio is live TONIGHT with CZW vs. XPW stories

Pro Wrestling Radio returns tonight, Wednesday June 5 live at 7:30 PM/EST! Independent wrestling star Luke Hawx and myself will cover all of the latest WWE and wrestling news and hot topics. You can hear the show with no downloads necessary right on the on the Listen page. The show is interactive so make sure to jump into the chat room on the page to ask questions or get involved in the discussion.

In addition to covering all of the latest news, we will devote about a good 30 minutes to the CZW vs. XPW feud. I was on the CZW side as an announcer and involved with some of the booking and Luke was on the XPW side as talent. We’ll share stories from both sides, talk about the talent, the Philadelphia war, the fallout, and whatever we have time to discuss time permitting. If you are an independent wrestling fan, a CZW or XPW fan, or just enjoy listening to behind the scenes wrestling stories, I think you’ll really enjoy tonight’s show.

You can either listen on the Pro Wrestling Radio page or even right here thanks to the Mixlr player below. Once we’re live at 7:30 PM/EST you will see a notification that we are broadcasting and all you have to do is click the corresponding areas below in the player to hear the show live. If you wish to join the chat you’ll need to head over to PWR.

See you tonight at 7:30 PM/EST!



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