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A Call to Pro Wrestling Fans: My Open Letter to Phil Mushnick

The McMahonsPro wrestling catches a lot of flack and I try to defend it on a constant basis. I defend its legitimacy, the negative media attention, and the deaths that come with the sport. It’s a tough task, as people look down on it and I can’t understand why.

For me it is a live action comic book mixed with the drama of your favorite sport. There’s pageantry, pop culture, and athleticism, that can’t be seen anywhere else. I love professional wrestling and will always support it, which is why it angered me when I saw a column from Phil Mushnick of the NY Post.

Here is the article

[ad 6]Phil Mushnick, for those who don’t know, is a column writer for the NY Post who always finds opportunities to slander wrestling whenever he can. He puts down the sport of professional wrestling and insults the people who watch it. Jim Cornette even did a promo on him during a Cornette’s Commentary on Raw.– Jim Cornette Promo on Phil Mushnick

As someone who has been affected positively by the wrestling business, I wanted to post an open letter to Phil Mushnick in defense of professional wrestling and his claims. This is a friendly letter and would like to encourage wrestling fans of all types to spread the word and support the sport you love the best. I would even do a debate to represent wrestling fans everywhere. You can email him @ and voice your opinion like I will in this piece for Camel Clutch Blog.

Dear Phil Mushnick,
After reading your column on the NY post website, I felt I had to respond on behalf of wrestling fans everywhere. My name is Steve Urena and I am a 22 year old journalist based out of Northern NJ. I work for two radio stations and have been published in several papers in my area. Without professional wrestling I would not have been able to discover my writing talents and journalistic abilities, which is why I have to defend professional wrestling whenever I see it being slandered.

In your column you took potshots at The Rock and the WWE and asked why Governor Christie didn’t question Vince McMahon about the mortality rates in professional wrestling.. You are correct, in that a lot of wrestlers have died due to the nature of the sport and the lifestyle that they live, but in no way shape or form is this Vince McMahon’s fault. People have the choice to do as they please and Vince McMahon is not responsible for that.

Also a lot of the references you make in your article are dated, as those moments you pointed out in, haven’t been seen on WWE television in a little over a decade. The WWE has cleaned up its act for the most part and is geared mainly towards PG audiences now. The characters have gone back to being over the top and chair shots to the head have been banned completely. The WWE also has a wellness policy that tests wrestlers for steroids and drugs and a rehab program for anybody who has been signed to a contract and needs help. I’m not saying the WWE is perfect and that wrestling is perfect but the WWE has taken steps to really help its talents. Also the men and women who put their bodies on the line to entertain the fans of WWE made their own choices and followed their own dreams to wrestle and perfect their craft, so why put down people who are living their dream? It’s a dream I have to work for the WWE are you insulting my dream?

Wrestling has had a very positive influence on me. Since age 15 I have been using wrestling to further a journalism career. I have interviewed several professional wrestlers and have worked with several independent promotions in order to bring people positive journalism about wrestling. Every single person I have interviewed has been professional and courteous when talking to me and I have nothing but great stories about every single one of them. Through my writing experiences I developed my own voice in writing and got myself into Susquehanna University. After spending my four years there I received my degree in both Creative Writing and Communications and I am now a journalist who has written for the NJ Herald, WRNJ Radio, 99.9 The Hawk Radio, The Newark Bears, and The Black River News. Without wrestling I would not have been able to write for these great publications and radio stations and try to put my name out there.

My ultimate goal is to work for the WWE in any way shape or form. Without wrestling I wouldn’t have gotten into college and I wouldn’t be working as a journalist. Wrestling made me who I am today and I will do whatever I can to defend it. I am proud of who I am and I am proud to be a wrestling fan, and if you do not like wrestling then don’t talk about it. Don’t make outdated references and snide remarks when you haven’t done your research. Your job as a journalist is to educate people, not slander others for your personal benefit. If you hate wrestling don’t watch it. It’s easy.

[adinserter block=”1″]Also with Wrestlemania coming to my home state of NJ there are several positives that will come of this including more money for the state due to outsiders coming to NJ and media coverage for NJ that isn’t the Jersey Shore.

So what I’m saying is that I love wrestling and one day I hope to go to the WWE because of its positive influence on me. If I ever get there I will try to get wrestling to be seen in a more positive light. Wrestling isn’t perfect but neither is baseball, MMA, Boxing, Football, Hockey, or any other sport that’s out there. So top with the negativity and try to be a journalist instead of trying to make headlines with your personal vendetta against wrestling. Thank you

Sincerely Professional Wrestling fan and journalist
Steve Urena

If you agree with me or have something you want to see email me or leave a comment here.

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  1. Honestly, I think Phil Muchnick is just a bitter human being set in his ways, the kind where, even if something can disprove what he says, he refuses to accept being told he's wrong. Good thing the other Muchnicks-Sam and Irv (brothers, no relation to Phil)-never shared his viewpoints.

  2. Well said, Steve. I've sent a link to this article (& a copy of the letter should he decide not to click the link) to Phil himself.

    If I get a response, I'll let you know.

    • Got a response!

      "the WWE/WWf has been a death and sleaze mill – starting before you were born. Unlike most, I'm unable to ignore that. Also, the WWE cleansing act corresponds with Mrs. McMahon's entry into politics. What a coincidence. Thanks – mushnick"

      Looks like he truly believes his own bullsh%$t, I'm afraid.

      • Apparently so, because if he didn't, he'd know that WWE started cleaning up its act several years before Lind McMahon entered more mainstream politics (she had run once before, for the local school board, if I'm not mistaken).


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