Predicting The Great Former World Champion Coming To TNA Impact

Dixie Carter is at it again. The woman who teases more than an 80’s hair metal band posted a video claiming that yet another mystery man will be coming to TNA Impact. I just hope he doesn’t mind waiting six weeks for his check.

You have to love Dixie and her weekly teases. I feel as if she is teasing something big for Impact on Twitter or YouTube almost every week. History has shown that none, yes not one of those teases panned out to live up to fan expectations. That doesn’t stop her from trying.

Dixie is promising that “One of the greatest all time” former World Title holders will be returning to TNA this Thursday on Impact.” She also says she is very excited to “welcome him home.” Who is that great former world champion? Let’s have fun and speculate on the big surprise.

Ric Flair – Flair seems to the leading candidate among speculative fans on social media. Flair is certainly one of the greatest world champions and has appeared in TNA. I would venture to say that Flair probably wouldn’t call TNA “home.” Flair’s status with the WWE is up for debate and most reports indicate he still hasn’t signed a contract. Flair isn’t making any money from the WWE so why not grab a pay day? Maybe it will push WWE to get a deal done? I don’t think it is as unrealistic as some do.

Hulk Hogan – Hogan seems to be the other leading pick among fans trying to take a stab at the mystery man (although she never did say man or woman). Hogan’s contract with TNA recently expired and there are numerous reports that indicate he has agreed to a verbal deal with the WWE. Could Hogan have re-signed with TNA? Sure, but I don’t think it’s him. I think if Hogan did re-sign with TNA they’d promote him coming back as opposed to teasing him as a mystery man. I think there is very little chance it’s the Hulkster.

Rob Van Dam – He is out there isn’t he? Not only that, he was just mentioned as part of Triple H’s big promo. He is a former champion in TNA but like Flair, I don’t think RVD is someone that would call TNA “home.” I really don’t think it is RVD and I don’t think that TNA is going to get a deal done with RVD when WWE couldn’t but he is out there and he is a former champion.

Bully Ray – Remember that Dixie is a heel. Eric Bischoff used to have fun almost weekly in WCW when he’d make false promises to the fans as a heel. Bully isn’t in this championship tournament which is quite odd. Maybe that is for a reason and this is all part of an angle here? It would be a huge letdown but why would a heel Dixie Carter give the fans what they want? I would probably put Bully right at the top over of the list with another guy who I mention below. Also remember those stories about Dixie’s mother freezing the check book? One would have to assume that the company isn’t signing anyone in the middle of a potential sale. Thus it would have to be someone currently on the books.

Jeff Jarrett – See my Bully Ray blurb. Again let’s take a look at the big picture here. Dixie is a heel and this would certainly be a disappointment. Also and this is key, Jeff wouldn’t cost the company any extra money since he is already there. He is part of the creative team and it isn’t like we’ve never seen anyone on the creative team in TNA (or anywhere) crowbar themselves into a storyline right? I would probably put Jeff right at the top of the list, maybe even slightly over Bully Ray.

Ricco Rodriguez – I kid, I kid.

In other words don’t get your hopes up.

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