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Pre-WrestleMania 32 WWE Superstar RAW Rankings for March 28

It is WrestleMania 32 week so instead of ranking what was a very average go-home-show WWE Raw, I’ll be ranking each individual superstar who’ll be competing at WrestleMania in a proper match from worst to first to see who has the most momentum going into the biggest event of the year.

This WrestleMania has been marred by poor booking and this is a chance to break down each individual and see what has gone wrong, but it’s also a chance to applaud the few feuds they have gotten right – so let’s get started.

  1. Sin Cara

Sin Cara is one of three wrestlers who find themselves in a match at WrestleMania… basically because Kevin Owens thinks he can beat him easily. I mean, that’s why he set up that specific Triple Threat Match, isn’t it? Unlike the other two men however, Sin Cara has never really had any momentum or crowd support and so his appearance in the match is the strangest and that’s including Zack Ryder. Hopefully we get a cool spot or two out of him, but Sin Cara’s build to WrestleMania has been the worst out of all competitors because nobody sees him as a legitimate chance to walk away with anything.

Odds of winning match: 0%

  1. Stardust

Cody Rhodes deserves better than this. He is, for the second year in a row, in a ladder match at WrestleMania simply to make up the numbers and in a gimmick that has been spiralling the drain for two years now. Expect him to deliver a quality performance as he always does.

Odds of winning match: 0%

  1. The Usos

The Usos find themselves in the only tag team division match in quite a long time to feature an actual storyline rather than simply a title match, but unfortunately that feud has been given absolutely no time to grow. It started with The Dudley Boyz turning on them in one match and then escalated with one promo from the ECW veterans, but never went beyond that. The Usos haven’t grown or been tested one bit by this feud that has mainly featured them running in and brawling.

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Odds of winning match: 80%

  1. The Miz

The Miz was one of the three competitors originally vying for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship and he should’ve been granted a shot in a Fatal 4-Way match alongside Ziggler and Zayn, but instead we’re getting this mess of a ladder match. Unfortunately, this means Miz will be lost among everyone else and the only thing that gives him the slightest bit of relevancy in this match is the fact that he’s the second biggest heel behind Owens which means if they want to swerve and have someone other than Zayn or Owens leave with the title, Miz would be the guy. He deserves a proper WrestleMania match for his excellent work so far this year.

Odds of winning match: 5%

  1. Kalisto

Kalisto will defend the United States Championship on the WrestleMania pre-show against Ryback. This feud has been about Ryback being bigger than Kalisto and bigger guys defeat smaller ones… that’s literally it. While Ryback’s heel turn has been well crafted from a logic standpoint, this match has really been given next to no time to build. Neither of them appeared on Raw or SmackDown last week and they were given nothing more than a stare down on the final show before the pay-per-view. For a singles WrestleMania match, there should’ve been more to this.

Odds of winning match: 65%

  1. Ryback

Ryback gets the slight nod over Kalisto just because of how well his heel turn has been put together. Logically, it makes sense. The only thing that has changed is Ryback’s mind-set. He hasn’t become an evil villain, he simply wants to reach his full potential and he doesn’t care if that makes him enemies in the locker room or in the crowd. His promos have been lacklustre, but they should’ve been given one more and probably a brawl on Raw rather than the stare down.

Odds of winning match: 35%

  1. The League of Nations

The League of Nations will take on The New Day (seemingly) in a non-title, handicap match at WrestleMania and when I get to The New Day later on, I’ll mention the potential swerve I believe will be taking place. Focusing on these guys, they really seem to be being served up as a catalyst for The New Day’s face turn which was inevitable. While they’ve clearly helped in getting them over, they haven’t really been given much themselves and this story isn’t particularly deep from their end. The League of Nations winning would mean that this feud is continuing and that wouldn’t make great business sense with The New Day being so popular and deserving of a big WrestleMania moment. The only other possibility is The League of Booty winning in order to set up a Tag Team Championship Match in the immediate aftermath, but that is also unlikely.

Odds of winning match: 10%

  1. The Dudley Boyz

The Dudley’s get the higher ranking because their heel turn has at least been interesting and gives them a lot of possibilities post-WrestleMania. The Dudley’s are far better as aggressive heels and they showed than on Raw this week with their interactions with Roman. Unfortunately, as already mentioned this feud has been shallow and not given much time which means they can’t be ranked much higher than this. Expect them to put the younger talent over.

Odds of winning match: 20%

  1. Roman Reigns

Yes, one half of the main-event of WrestleMania hasn’t even cracked the top 15 of this list. That’s not a good sign whatsoever. Roman has been poorly booked from the moment he won the title in outstanding fashion after TLC. The Royal Rumble Match was a fun match, but Roman was stupidly booked to spend most of the match ‘injured’, which doesn’t work in 2016 unless done perfectly, and then he missed another fortnight while they built up Triple H and Ambrose for Roadblock, making fans care more about Ambrose than the guy they have main-eventing WrestleMania! The WWE’s tone-deaf insistence that Roman Reigns be a babyface has done nothing but turn the crowd more and more against him. This week in Brooklyn the crowd was almost entirely against him. Roman has done himself no favours either and can’t entirely blame poor booking here. His body language and ability to convey real emotion are simply not good enough for a main-event talent and it drags every feud he’s in down. To put it simply, imagine Ambrose transplanted into this feud. Imagine Ambrose being cost the title at successive, then being put on the injured list for a while and coming back to brawl with the guy that did it. It would be the best thing in the company… and it WAS when they did it with him and Seth Rollins over the Money in the Bank briefcase two years ago! Roman goes into this match with almost no chance of losing, diminishing any slight intrigue in the match and despite the fact that the match itself will probably be great, this is one of the biggest main-event flops in recent WrestleMania history.

Odds of winning match: 90%

  1. Zack Ryder

Two weeks ago, Zack Ryder was slated to be in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and probably eliminated from that in the opening minutes. Now, due to Neville’s injury, he finds himself on the main card and in a title match. By total accident, the WWE have created a Cinderella story here and while Zack won’t win, if they had another week to play this out, it could’ve been one of the best things going into WrestleMania. Ryder has been at the very bottom of the card for years now and by total fluke, has fallen into a WrestleMania match. This is a fairy-tale for the forgotten superstar and one that Ryder has played up very well on social media. Cheer for this guy because he knows this is probably the biggest spotlight he will ever get and he will make the most of it.

Odds of winning match: 1%

  1. Charlotte

The Divas Champion will take part in THE biggest women’s match in WrestleMania history. There’s no debating it, this is the most serious WrestleMania match in the history of the WWE women’s division and given it’s a four hour show, they have no choice but to give the girls a well-deserved 15 to 20 minute match. Charlotte herself has been more of an afterthought however as she comes into this match with virtually no chance of retaining her title. Storyline wise, everything points to her dropping the title to either Sasha or Becky and so her build hasn’t quite been as good as the other two. Ric Flair being there every week also takes the spotlight off her and unless they’re setting up Charlotte to turn on Ric and attack him, which would be awesome, then he needs to disappear after WrestleMania.

Odds of winning match: 10%

  1. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler gets a slight boost above others around him because of his very-temporary feud with Triple H and The Authority. Ziggler showed that when given the slightest bit of momentum, he can get the crowd right behind him and the fact that he’s been held down and beaten up by The Authority and he got a chance to vent that frustration on Raw gives him a slight boost of momentum going into WrestleMania. Unlike Roman, Ziggler has legitimately been held down by the WWE and so when he cuts a promo about it, the crowd cheers unlike when Roman does it and they boo because none of it is real. Ziggler is virtually no chance of winning the Intercontinental Championship and hopefully he gets given some kind of character shift or push that allows him to get out of this rut he’s been stuck in for a year now.

Odds of winning match: 1%

  1. Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn should be the hottest thing on the roster right now, but the WWE have decided to go with the cautious approach in building him up. Instead of throwing straight to a one on one match with him and Owens, they’re going with a multi-man match. This is fine and actually smart booking because you don’t want a rivalry that has over 10 years of history to be thrown together in four weeks. If Sami were to face Owens at WrestleMania, he’d have to win clean or via disqualification to remain a credible threat and losing by disqualification is not what we want to see at WrestleMania and it is far too soon for Zayn to win this feud. Owens and Zayn could and should be facing each other right through to SummerSlam and the best way to start that is to have Owens retain the Intercontinental Championship and steal the title away from Sami at the last moment. This would’ve been better in a Fatal-4 Way, but it’s still accomplishable in a ladder match.

Odds of winning match: 20%

  1. The New Day

As already mentioned, The New Day are more or less in a transitional feud in order to give them a face run post-WrestleMania. The Raw Brooklyn crowd virtually gave them a standing ovation on Raw and that’s fairly good sign that they’ll be accepted as faces eagerly. I hope they’re given some kind of ridiculous WrestleMania entrance that involves motorized unicorns and they should comfortably take care of The League of Nations in their four versus four match. Who’ll be the final member? Well we still don’t know what The Rock is doing for WrestleMania and working a tag team match means he can wrestle without being too worried about his movie commitments.

Odds of winning match: 90%

  1. Kevin Owens

It’s hard to believe that this time last year, Owens had been with the WWE for only a couple of months and now he goes into WrestleMania as a champion. In fact, go back to WrestleMania 31 and tell people that Kevin Owens, Kalisto and The New Day would be champions going into this year’s show and you would probably be asked to leave the room. I went pretty in-depth about the potential Owens versus Zayn feud post-WrestleMania so here I will simply reiterate that Owens is a virtual certainty to retain his title and get the WrestleMania moment he deserves for being consistently the best heel in WWE for six months now.

Odds of winning match: 78%

  1. Brock Lesnar

Lesnar and Ambrose will come into WrestleMania with the most anticipated match of the night and will probably put on the best match of the night, but Lesnar ranks a little lower because he really hasn’t had to do anything in this build up. That’s not saying he should do more, this feud has not required him to do anything outside of beating up Dean Ambrose. Even Paul Heyman hasn’t had to say much to sell this match. Ambrose has gotten himself over phenomenally since the Royal Rumble and mostly off the back of the teased confrontations with Brock, but Lesnar himself hasn’t really had to lift a finger. This is the money match of the night, strap yourselves in folks. Expect Brock to win, but imagine the star-power Ambrose would have if he won.

Odds of winning match: 80%

  1. AJ Styles

Styles’ feud with Jericho probably started too early and that’s hindered the anticipation for the match itself in the lead up to WrestleMania, but the feud itself has been brilliant. Styles has played a brilliant foil for Jericho who is unquestionably the greatest heel in WWE history. The interesting thing is how isolated this feud has been from the rest of the roster. Styles and Jericho have more or less done their own thing since Styles debuted and this means that there is a plethora of booking options for Styles post WrestleMania. Expect Styles to win and move on to higher places. Styles himself hasn’t really had a great deal to do in this feud except put on spectacular matches and be a thorn in Jericho’s side, which has worked really well and is a great way to introduce him to WWE television without overexposing him. Totally irrelevant to WrestleMania, but this year’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match may be the most interesting match in a long time with so many upper-mid card superstars who’ve never won the title all very much in contention for it.

Odds of winning match: 90%

  1. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks competing in the Divas Championship Match at WrestleMania 32 was something I predicted a year ago, but I’m not gloating about it because it was the most obvious WrestleMania call you’ll ever make. Sasha Banks is THE top Diva in the WWE by that far in every category and she has shown what she is capable of delivering in big matches in the past. She comes into WrestleMania as almost the third wheel in this that was originally Charlotte versus Becky, but, because she’s Sasha Freaking Banks, she has inserted herself in the feud and is the runaway favourite to leave WrestleMania as the champion and begin a reign that will probably see her dominate the division for a long time. As far as her booking to this point, well she is STILL undefeated on the main roster when it comes to pinfall and submission, so that’s momentum for you. (Becky Lynch is also yet to be pinned or submitted clean, but Charlotte has on a few occasions. Sasha is yet to be pinned or submitted in all categories.)

Odds of winning match: 60%

  1. Shane McMahon

Shane is the complete wildcard of this year’s WrestleMania. Something tells me he’ll either be the best part of the show or the most disappointing, there won’t be an in between. In any case, he’s brought freshness to the product that it sorely needed and his match has the biggest ramifications for the WWE long term. If Shane wins, that changes the entire dynamic of the WWE product for months and if he loses, surely there’ll be some kind of twist that still allows the shift. Shane has basically come back and said that WWE has sucked for a while now and that when he wins, he’s going to fix that, so if he loses, does that mean the product is going to continue to suck indefinitely? Really, Shane cannot lose here… but neither can The Undertaker at WrestleMania to a 40-year-old businessman. This is very intriguing. Unfortunately, the WWE haven’t really nailed this storyline and Shane himself has butchered two promos which is why he ranks eighth on this list. If Shane does win, it’ll probably via assistance from another superstar and one that will probably set up The Undertaker’s final WrestleMania match next year.

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Odds of winning match: 60%

  1. The Undertaker

Putting it simply, The Undertaker cannot lose clean to Shane McMahon at WrestleMania. That would be the worst decision Vince McMahon has made since the XFL. If The Undertaker is to lose, someone like Cena must appear in the cell and cost him the match. The WWE butchered this feud from The Undertaker’s perspective as we still have no idea why he agreed to side with Vince outside of professional pride, really. Is The Undertaker competing for Vince because he doesn’t want to say no? He should be siding with Vince because he owes him everything. He owes him 25 years of success and he will fight for Vince’s legacy because of it. That was the angle to take here, not totally avoiding the question. The fact that this match isn’t going on last tells me some kind of shenanigans will go down in this match.

Odds of winning match: 40%

  1. Becky Lynch

Despite the glowing review I just gave Sasha, no one could’ve foreseen Becky Lynch’s rise in popularity this year. I can guarantee you the WWE’s original plan was to have Charlotte defend against Sasha one-on-one, but they simply couldn’t leave Becky out of the equation after the Royal Rumble. Becky did the same thing in NXT. She went from a distant fourth member of the Four Horsewomen’s match at NXT Takeover Rival to the most popular wrestler in NXT, male or female, after NXT Takeover Unstoppable. She was immediately called up to the main roster, but had she stayed in NXT, she would’ve reached scary heights. She did the same thing at the Royal Rumble and this was reaffirmed during Raw in Brooklyn with loud chants for her, that you wouldn’t have heard in women’s matches of the past. Her passion, her likability and her very interesting backstory all on top of her immense talent in the ring make her the biggest dark horse of WrestleMania and if they were to put the Divas Championship on her, that could lead to some very interesting possibilities.

Odds of winning match: 30%

  1. Triple H

The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion has done everything short of sacrificing a baby lamb on live television to get himself booed and to get the crowd to cheer Roman, but it has been unsuccessful. This is through no fault of his own as Triple H himself has had a virtually flawless performance in crafting this feud. He has been moulding this feud on screen since the Raw after Seth Rollins was injured and the only issue has been Roman himself not being able to get the crowd onside. As stated earlier, if you take Reigns out and replace him in this feud with Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Damien Sandow, Seth Rollins or any other top performer, this may be one of the best stories in WrestleMania history and one of the best pieces of long term booking in quite a while

Odds of winning match: 10%

  1. Chris Jericho

Speaking of long term booking, Jericho has masterfully and meticulously crafted this feud and everything he’s done to get Styles over and to get the feud going has been successful. Styles and Jericho will pull out all the stops at WrestleMania in order to put on a spectacular match and expect it to exceed everything they’ve done so far. While some people feel slightly apathetic to the fact that this feud continued beyond Fast Lane, nobody would be able to do a better job and getting Jericho over than Chris Jericho and a clean victory over Jericho at WrestleMania, long term, is something they can never take of Styles… unless they Fandango him, which they won’t. Jericho will do what Jericho does and that’s put over the new talent and probably move on to possibly feud with Roman or Ambrose or somebody like that to repeat the process.

Odds of winning match: 10%

  1. Dean Ambrose

Nobody has excelled more this year than Dean Ambrose. From the massive ovation he got finishing second in the Rumble to the triple threat match at Fast Lane, to Roadblock and the teasing of a WWE Championship, to every single interaction he’s had with Brock Lesnar, nobody comes close to Ambrose in terms of momentum. With so many injuries, Ambrose is the number one babyface on the roster by that much it’s tough to name anyone challenging him. Before Fast Lane, who knows what the WWE had planned for Ambrose. Bray Wyatt was scheduled to face Brock and unless they were planning on doing Ambrose versus Jericho and throwing Styles in the IC Title cluster, then Ambrose may have been completely lost in the shuffle and thrown into the pre-show Battle Royal. Instead, he (and his little red wagon), comes into WrestleMania having been publically endorsed by the likes of Terry Funk and Mick Foley and with the most momentum out of anyone of on the roster. His match with Lesnar should be one for the ages and if he somehow comes out victorious, watch out – because forget Shane, Ambrose will be running things on Monday night Raw.

Odds of winning match: 20%

Final Note:

Yes, Zack Ryder probably isn’t going into WrestleMania with more momentum than Roman Reigns, but the idea that he just might be kind of sums up the predicament Roman is in right now.

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