The Sharks NFL Bi-Weekly Power Rankings – Week 5


Rex Ryan New York JetsSo many things that we did not expect to see, we have seen in great numbers so far this season. If anything the NFL seems to be loaded with parody. Did you ever imagine that after 4 weeks a Peyton Manning team would be in last place in their division? It has become very hard so far this season to predict any team, and trust any group week in and week out.

As I bring you all my third installment of the NFL Power Rankings, I find myself having a real tough time putting it all in order, especially when good teams lose to other good teams, who in turn lose to another and so on. If that made sense, you get honors! If not, take a few minutes to sit back, read and relax as I bring you my latest spin on the order of supremacy in the NFL.

Power Rankings 32-1

32. Buffalo Bills (0-4): Do you think Trent Edwards crank called the locker room to laugh at his old teammates? He will be in town this week with his new team, the Jaguars. This team is just terrible.

31. Detroit Lions (0-4): Dear Calvin Johnson, get out of here fast! They keep games close, unless it’s opponent mercy?

[adinserter block=”1″]30. Carolina Panthers (0-4): And now Steve Smith will miss time, it keeps getting better. Note to John Fox, job hunt!

29. San Francisco 49ers (0-4): At least they are now losing to a better class of team. A Vick-less Eagles team could be a measuring stick.

28. Cleveland Browns (1-3): Is Peyton Hillis playing his way off of another team by being good? They found a way to beat Cincy, but I think I can too.

27. Oakland Raiders (1-3): Still can’t stop the run. I hear Arian Foster was held out more for pity on the Raiders than team discipline. Yet they would still crush last years Raiders, so that shows you something.

26. Seattle Seahawks (2-2): I really don’t know what this team is? Beat the Chargers, lose to the Rams? Is this for real?

25. Arizona Cardinals (2-2): Somehow, some way, this team is in first place in its division. You may fool the league, but you can’t fool the Power Rankings, so sit here and behave.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2): Beating the Colts means something, but I’m still not sold that they won’t fall flat say, this week, at Buffalo? This is a bizarre team. Not great on offense, or defense and yet 2-2.

23. Cincinnati Bengals (2-2): Woeful loss to the Browns, cheap hits or not. Palmer looked alive though. Looks like the Reds have taken last year’s Bengals magic, and left none behind.

22. Minnesota Vikings (1-2): A win, then a much needed bye week. Favre may have wished he called it a career after his date with the Jets. Sidney Rice, get well, quick!

21. Tennessee Titans (2-2): Just when they were about to leap up, they get knocked down. Chris Johnson looking human is not a good sign for the Titans.

20. St Louis Rams (2-2): No misprint here. Steve Spagnuolo is a mad genius with his perfect handling of Sam Bradford. This week is a winnable game against the Lions. Can the Rams have a winning record after 5 weeks?

19. Dallas Cowboys (1-2): I think it is just a matter of time before they take off. However for now, you earn your lumps.

18. Philadelphia Eagles (2-2): Once again it appears to be McNabbs fault. A win and a healthy Vick would have made them top 10, loss and no Vick, well I know you all can read, or um Reid? Marshawn Lynch? Jeff Garcia? Anybody?

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1): A winning record is worth something, although the Steelers showed what this team really is. This week against the Bengals will tell us much more.

[adinserter block=”2″]16. Washington Redskins (2-2): Is this what the NFC East has come down too? They do little great and yet are 2-2. We need more Ryan Torain, and less Clinton Portis.

15. Denver Broncos (2-2): As long as they know they need to throw to win, they will be a decent team. This looks more like Mike Martz’s offense to me. Brandon Lloyd, Eddie Royal and Jabar Gaffney may be the most underrated trio of WRs in the league.

14. New York Giants (2-2): Every time Tom Coughlin looks like he is about to get fired, the Giants do something amazing. Last week’s sack-fest is the team I expected, and the team I’m putting at 14.

13. Miami Dolphins (2-2): Despite being clobbered by the Patriots, this is still a pretty good team. It just needs to play bigger against the tougher teams.

12. Chicago Bears (3-1): Every team on this list is guilty of a bad outing. It is like catching your spouse flirting, it leads to nothing, but if you see it again there will be trouble. Another outing like that by the Bears will anger the Power Ranking Gods.

11. San Diego Chargers (2-2): What do Norv Turner and I have in common? We both have no clue what kind of team the Chargers are. I give them credit at 11, because I think they are good enough. Hey, remember that linebacker they had, Shawn Merriman?

10. Indianapolis Colts (2-2): The beginning of the end for the juggernaut of the Colts? 3-0 Kansas City is coming to town this week. I can promise they will not look like the undefeated team though.

9. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0): Not since the early days of Boise State did an undefeated team get such little love. They travel to Indy this week to come back to reality. What did Jamaal Charles do to get such little action?

8. New England Patriots (2-2): Now that is the team we know and love. 0 catches by Moss, and not much from Brady, and still a blow-out, yikes! The young defense is working hard. Next up is a bye before the playoff rematch with the Ravens. Belichek is not one to forget.

7. Green Bay Packers (3-1): I think they are good, but they let teams hang around, and that is never safe in the NFL. Need to play better at Washington this week.

6. Houston Texans (3-1): For their next trick they will sit the entire offensive line for one quarter. Folks do not mess with Arian Foster. Secondary needs to improve, but Cushing is back at linebacker this week, which is big news.

5. Atlanta Falcons (3-1): Probably the best team that no one is talking about. Mike Smith is an excellent coach, with a good cast. Beating the Saints is huge, but not quite over them in rank yet.

4. Baltimore Ravens (3-1): I don’t have time for the “if A beat B” conversation. Yes Anquan Boldin is meshing, but the run game is still scarce. They are ranked high, but can fall quickly. Denver comes in this week as a very interesting trap game.

3. New Orleans Saints (3-1): I hate keeping a team up high on merit alone, but a loss to Atlanta followed by a nail-biter against Carolina is not exciting me. Let’s see how they handle Arizona this week before we all give up.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1): Well all the wondering is over. They are 3-1 at this point. A bye week, then Ben is back. He would have won that game last week for sure. Defense is terrific, running game is coming through and it is well coached. The Steelers are looking scary again.

1. New York Jets (3-1): I can forgive one loss looking like this team does. Wow, now Tomlinson is going to contribute too? Sanchez is not making mistakes, the ground game is pounding it out, and oh, all this without Revis and Santonio Holmes. Take notice league.

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